It's not too late to set goals for 2015...


It's not too late to set goals! This year will only happen once, Make the most of it!  @NFSisters It's Saturaday, January 10th, and I'm sitting with my husband as he thinks upon the year of 2014 and writes down his goals for 2015.  After which we will share together our individual strivings for the year, and then work together to create couple/family goals for 2015.

To some this may be CRAZY! You may be thinking..."Hello, it's already missed out! You can't create goals for a hear that has already started....!" But let me tell you, it's NOT TOO LATE TO SET GOALS FOR 2015!

As you know, I set my goals at the end of the time as some might say! (You can read my goals here) I realized though that my husband, who is usually the goal setter of the family hadn't made time to set his own, so we definitely hadn't made time to talk about goals together.  So I decided tonight was the night, and hey, there are still 355 days left in the year, plenty of time to achieve our goals in 2015, or at least work towards them!

Did you hear have plenty of time to make goals and work towards them, you didn't miss out!

A Goal without a plan is just a wish! @NFSisters-2

There are still 355 days left in 2015!

So if you haven't set any goals for the year yet, I would suggest doing it! It is so important to set goals! And don't set goals that are general, make them specific! Make them measurable! Make them Realistic! Make them Attainable! Make them Timely!



Here's an outline to use for setting goals.  You can find this in the awesome Lorna Jane 2015 Diary!

Answer these questions, and once you are done, you will be ready to set your goals for 2015!

  •  What did I make happen in 2014?
  • What didn't work in 2014?
  • How will i change it this year?
  • What makes me happy?
  • I will say yes to....
  • What is important to me?
  • In 2015 I want to feel...
  • My Vision for 2015! (Come back Tuesday to see my 2015 Vision Board #Dishthefit)

Bam! Now write down your top 3-5 Goals for 2015 and you are golden and ready to conquer the next 355 days! 

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