Labor Day 10K

My boy and I! 
For those that don't know.. I run a daycare. So my time during the week is very limited. I have kids from 6am until after 5pm each day. So when we get a holiday during the week it is welcomed. I use to welcome it so I could sleep maybe a little bit longer with my toddler. But now, as soon as I realize I am closed... I look for a race. So this past Monday.. instead of sleeping in.. my running partner (2 year old) and I were up by 530am getting ready for race day! 
I love he got his own bib! 

I was so excited about this race. This Labor Day race is one they do each year. It is one they do with a Partner City in Japan. Most of you probably do not know, but we lived in Japan for 3 years.. where my 2 year old was born actually. Japan is dear to my heart and I would have stayed if I could have. It was awesome to go out and support the Japanese nationals... and some were even there running the race. It was fantastic. 
TAIKO!!! We miss you! 

So I had signed up for the 10K and signed my boy up for a 1K. I was excited. Though, I have to be honest.. I was a tad bit ... concerned. I had not ran since the Half Marathon. Something has happened in me and I am forgetting to take that time for myself each evening. I have been so busy and just... not taking the time necessary. I was also worried because I had not ran pushing the stroller in quite a while. 
Let's just say.. it was not an easy run. But I am glad I did it. The 5K and 10K were the same price so I debated just doing the 5K.. but I told myself- NO, I would do the 10K.. even if I needed to walk some. By the time we were nearing the finish line I was figuring out a plan in my head to leave my little man with a friend the last Saturday of the month for my next 10K. I didn't want to have to feel as crappy as I felt after this run. But you know what I keep forgetting.. 
His little seaweed face before his run! 

Raising his hand to say he was under 2. 
HOLY COW! Look how far I have come. Six months ago I could not even run for a minute straight.. Now here I am running a half-marathon. Pushing a stroller with a 30lb boy is rough(er) than alone.. but.... I am doing it. I could have made the choice to sit at home and NOT do it. But I didn't. Instead I am choosing to get out there, do the best I can... and most importantly teach my boy that he can be anything he wants to be. 
By the time I crossed the finish line my mind was made up... My little boy WILL go with me to the next 10K and if we have to walk, we will walk with pride.. not in shame. But I will aim to make my time better... to focus on GETTING BETTER! I will continue to show him how to become a healthy person. Not to grow up and live so unhappy inside like I always have. My boy will know how to be active and desire to be. 
Proud of his medal! 

I LOVE that he got a real medal!
I was so excited for his 1K.. Obviously a little more excited for him because he made me carry him.. Little turkey! 
Sorry we have been MIA this week. My computer broke and Little Sister has been crazy busy. Hopefully this week things will straighten out.. Though my computer is still messing up and it looks like I am going to have to take it in again! 
Happy Sunday Friends! 
-Big Sis