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In April I got to review my very first Kona Kase Fitness Box.  If you have never heard of Kona Kase or anything like it, it's a monthly box subscription.  These are very popular now days, from pets, beauty, fashion, to fitness, you can pretty much subscribe to any kind of box.  I have tried one other fitness box, but I have to say that I LOVED the Kona Kase the best!

WHY KONA? I loved the Kona Kase Fitness Box because it was packed full of fitness nutrition, snacks, and supplements.  In other fitness boxes it seemed that it was mostly supplements, and for me, that is not what I am looking for.  I loved that Kona Kase Fitness Box offered nutritional snack options, and things that I had never heard of before.

COUPON CODE: For my readers, you can use coupon code FF2 to receive $5 OFF your first subscription.  or you can order just one box with the coupon code if you would like to try it out first.


PERFECT FOODS BAR in Almond Butter Flavor: This bar was very good! The almond butter flavor was very nice, it was full of good nutrition, and definitely something I would consider buying more of.

VALUE: $1.50

Kona Kase Perfect Food Bar

TCHO 4 MINI CHOCOLATE BARS: These were one of my favorite products in the Kona Kase Fitness Box.  I sent the link to purchase these to my husband and suggested them for future holidays.  They are great chocolate bars created with pure flavors of cacao and for me, I LOVE CHOCOLATE, so these were such a great alternative to a store bought candy bar.  I will definitely be purchasing these in the future.

VALUE: $4.00

Kona Kase TCHO Chocolate










WILD FRIENDS NUT BUTTER- Chocolate Sunflower Seed Almond Butter Flavor: This was a very interesting sample.  I enjoyed getting to try this out because I had seen the product featured on the show Shark Tank! Honestly though I didn't love the flavor.  I would definitely like to try out other flavors of this product though.  FYI Almond Butter is GREAT for you!

VALUE: $1.25



Kona Kase Wild Squirrel Butter



CLIF CRUNCH GRANOLA BAR: The Clif products in the Kona Kase Fitness Box were really the only products I had personally tried before. So I knew that I enjoyed these bars.  They come with two in them...they are very dry and crumbly, in a good way! Rather than a chewy granola bar! I love them.


Kona Kase Clif Crunch Bar

CLIF SHOT BLOCKS ENERGY CHEWS: This is the other product I have tried before.  Honestly I am just not a fan of chewy or gel energy chews.  So I actually gave this away to a friend that loves them!


Kona Kase clif Blocks

BRUBAR in Original Malt Flavor: This was very good but very different.  It is definitely a taste I would have to get used to.  The Brubar is on the list for "Top 10 Best Recovery Bars for Runners" according to Runner's World Magazine! So that is great, and makes me definitely want to get used to this product!


Kona Kase Bru Bar





SUN CUPS CARAMEL CUPS: I LOVED THESE!! Like I said before I love chocolate, and I really enjoyed being introduced to chocolate candy bar alternatives, that tasted great! These were like Reese's cups with caramel in them.  These are great too because they are nut free, gluten-free, and produced from natural cacao! I will definitely be ordering some of these as well!


Kona Kase Caramel Cups

EARNEST EATS in Dark Choco Mint Flavor: This was probably the only product that I didn't even finish.  It was not because it was necessarily bad, it's just that I don't like mint chocolate things.  I even tried to get my husband to try it for the review, but he doesn't like the flavor either. Sorry, no help with this one!


Earnest Eats in Dark Choco Mint



If you are looking for a fitness box subscription to try out or subscribe to I would definitely suggest to you to try out the Kona Kase Fitness Box! I'm sure you won't be disappointed! And remember use the coupon code FF2 for $5 OFF!