Kissed by Angels

This week my precious nephew Ashtyn is staying with us! I am loving our time with him...although I wish I could afford to take off work, but I know this time with his Uncle Guell will be great for him! Just getting to hang out with a man and do guy stuff...he needs that!

Anyways, he is so sweet...anytime he says something just so sweet and adorable it makes me think of my brother. Not because my brother was sweet and adorable lol but because I remember he is my brother's son and I think of how proud Shane would be of him and how much Shane loved him!

Some adorable things he has said so far this week:

-On the drive to Abilene my friend road with us and he told Ashtyn that he could stay with him. Ashtyn asked if he had kid beds at his house. He said yes and Ashtyn went on to see if he had three kid beds. When asked why he needed three kid beds, Ashtyn told him because he has an older sister, a younger sister, and he is the younger brother :-)

-Last night our friend had dinner with us and him and Ashtyn talked all about Super Heros like Spider Man, Iron Man, & Captain America :-) When he asked Ashtyn if he knew what Spider Man & Iron Man's real names were Ashtyn knew! It was crazy....then when our friend was leaving Ashtyn told him, "I'm really glad you came to visit us." In the most serious and sincere voice!

-Last night when we prayed, Ashtyn's prayer went something like this..."Thank you God for swimming, Thank you for going to work with people, Thank you for it going back and forth and being able to punch it, Thank you for a fun day, Amen."
(He was referring to things he had done that day, and the "going back and forth and punching it" part was about a punching bag toy that we bought him...ha ha so funny)

-Then, the first night he was here we prayed before we went to sleep and something was said about Angels....and he told me that Angels kissed him. When I asked what he meant, he said look I have Angel Kisses all over my face...referring to his Freckles!!