KID'S DAY at the Local Nursery

Am I the only parent that hears the words "Kid's Day" and "free" and I am all about it? Never mind the fact that my child was probably one of the youngest that attended this Kid's Day and actually did the crafts. :) 
Decorating his plate and getting ready to put his grass on his sponge. This should grow grass from the sponge... It will be fun for him to watch. 
A local nursery hosted a Kid's Day and had five different crafts the kids could do, sales for the parents, and then ice cream for the kids (shhh, I didn't tell my boy about the ice cream). I was so excited all week about this... a part of me was bummed that I don't have that side kick in California to do all of these fun things with like I did in Japan... but I still went. We had fun. 

Painting his Garden Marker.... should have just had him paint me eight for my garden.
Poor little dude couldn't really reach the table where he could see.. but he managed. I love watching him do art, because he is so great at it... so particular... and so into it. This boy amazes me. It hit me as I drove home thinking about how I miss friends that enjoy doing the same things as me, such as taking our kids everywhere for these type of things, that I am so blessed. I don't need those relationships that I have had before. I was blessed to have them... but I don't have to have them everywhere we go. I am slowly, slowly becoming okay with it. My priority right now is my family.. and as I am growing older, that is definitely how I should keep it. I am just so blessed to have a husband that loves me and a son that is so very precious. 

So into his painting...
I think it is great that the nursery put this function on. It really promotes the natural way of eating... and the kids can learn so much from it. After we finished with the crafts, Noah and I went and explore around the nursery. He wanted to smell ALL of the flowers. He is precious. Of course we smelled a lot of them... and I would lift him to smell the ones up high... He is so cute when he smells.. because instead of breathing in... He does a quick blow out... (Go ahead and do it so you understand).. it is just so precious to hear that and watch it over, and over, and over. 
I had him sit on the floor to color his flower stamper.

There is corn in each egg shell. Once
they sprout up, we can break them
apart and then plant them just like
that into our garden. So excited to
watch these grow.. He loved doing this.
This is a sponge with grass on it. We keep the sponge watered
and we can watch the grass grow up tall. We don't do anything with
this except watch it. He will love watching and touching this.
These are flowers. This is a water bottle cut
a little more than half way. We put
the soil and flower seeds in the top.
When we got home we put water in
the bottom and then took the lid off of
the top part. They say to add water to
it each day.  
I plan to do all of these with my daycare kids, including my little monkey, in the next few weeks. Doing any kind of project is so fun for these kids... and they are learning so much. 
Thanks for looking at our cool Kid's Day projects!