Kick the DEBT out!

Hello Readers!!

Seven months ago I joined a Direct Sales group- not knowing what to take from it.. I really didn't do much with it in the beginning, as I really wasn't sure why I even signed up. Four months ago I decided to work the business. Four months ago I was a huge team of 1. As of yesterday, my team now has 20! It is amazing to see the Lord work in my business. HE knows the desires of my heart and HE is making it so real.


I really never thought that I would make the money that I am making just by being home! I am having so much fun doing it. With that said, I also loo back to the past four months and seemingly wonder WHERE the money is that I made? Sure, I paid for soccer, groceries, gas.. .all of the everyday things. But sitting here yesterday I made a plan. I knew that I did not want another 4 months to pass and my wonder exactly where the money is… I want to see it! I want to see where it is going. So yesterday my plan consisted of paying off our van two years early! I am so excited to see it happen.

This morning I shared with my team this same thing, because I don't want any of them not knowing "where" their income has gone! Granted, all of us have different goals and desires with our business… so this may not be as important to some.. But for me-- I am going to get this van paid off by June of 2015!! I can't wait!


Why am I sharing with you? Because monthly I want to come back and share with you EXACTLY where we sit with our van.. how close we are to having a paid off van. Our truck and motorcycle are paid off.. and other than home loans and a student loan- this van is the only debt we have!

So.. please follow me through next year as you can share in the excitement of paying a vehicle off!

My question for you-- if you have had extra income-- what would you apply it to?

Big Sis