Join me on the Virtual Yoga Mat!


I have absolutely loved being a challenge leader for the Prana #TaketheLeap Challenge! It has been fun to see my followers jump on board and challenge thenselves! To see them achieve things they didn't know they could, and fight the urge to give up and push forward. It's also been awesome for me to increase my at home practice and see myself improve and gI'm row so much. Who knew that even just a few mins of yoga a day could have such as great impacts!  Heres es the poses we have done so far! 

[bctt tweet="Join me on the virtual Yoga Mat for the next 11days! #takethechallenge @prana "]

1- cat cow 2- spinal balance 3-child's pose 4-downward dog 5-plank  6-forward fold 7-chair

8-runners lunge 9-hamstring stretch 10-crescent lunge 11-w1 12-w2 13-triangle 14-extended side angle

15-bound angle/birds of paradise 16-half moon 17-w3 18-balancing chair 19-tree

Plus Prana added in an extra challenge which some of us stepped up to, #BringingYogaBack. This was a 12 day challenge devoted to backbend poses. It ended today, and I loved that part of the challenge! 

 Here's a collage from my 12 days of the #bringingyogaback Challenge! 

#BringingYogaBack 12 Day Yoga Challenge with @prana & @brittanysuell

So so we officially still have 11 days of the challenge left, and it's not too late to join! Follow me on Instagram and get directions for each day's pose there! And TAG me when you post your pictures, and use my hashtag #LeaveYourLegacy! 

Cant wait to see you on the virtual Yoga Mat!