Ivory Soap Fun!

So I found out something new about Ivory Soap this past week! 
I'm telling you, all of you toddler mommies are going to LOVE THIS!! 
So if you get a bar of Ivory Soap and put it in the microwave (I suggest putting it in a bowl...) then it will do what you see below. 
We just stuck it in and within a few seconds the soap started foaming up like this below.  
It was so amazing! And we didn't even have kids with us! Us 20 somethings were having a blast watching this soap foam up.  After it foams for a minute you can take it out and play with it.  Then as long as the bar is still there you can continue foaming it up! 
(SIDENOTE: Just don't touch the bar....the foam wasn't hot, but my friend accidentally touched the bar and it burnt her)

Here's a little piece when I was playing with it! 
And it's soap, so if it gets on anything, IT WILL CLEAN RIGHT OFF! 
Even the bowl, at first I was looking for a bowl I could just throw away after, but duh it's soap, so it won't harm it.  
You definitely need to try this! I can't wait to go visit my family again and try this with my nieces and nephews, I know they would love seeing this and playing with it! 
Let me know if you try it and what your kids think about it! 
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