Inner Dialogue

 When I saw the words "Inner Dialogue" what comes to mind? 
Do you hear positive words such as proud, accomplished, fighter, strong, beautiful, hard worker, etc. 
or do words such as, failure, I can't, too fat, ugh, you should look better.... come to mind? 
I recently had a conversation with a friend who has had a huge life change.  This friend of mine recently chose to change her life through health and fitness. She has been working hard to make working out a way of life.  She has also gained a new mindset that eating healthy is not just a temporary fix (aka diet), but a way or life, a normal way of eating.  
I saw this friend in college go on diets and do really great, but then eventually go back to her original state.  When talking to her more recently we discussed these diets she had gone on and she mentioned that when she was on those it felt like she was practically starving herself.   Now though, with a change of eating, she is fulfilled with healthy food, and feels good with more energy! 
This is a great thing to hear from a friend! To know she is loving her new self, and from the outside her body looks great as well! 
The thing that impacted me the most though was when she said...."But the best part about this life change is that my INNER DIALOGUE is more positive!"
This really got me to thinking. Inner Dialogue is so important to who we are, what we do, and what we achieve.  When I am having positive inner dialogue I am more motivated to continue on a healthy path! When I get down about myself, and my inner dialogue becomes negative, it seems to drive me to be lazy and lean on excuses rather than pushing me to do better.  I have also seen a difference in my attitude and actions towards others and towards life in general when my inner dialogue is positive.  
I was very encouraged by my friend.  I know that at different times we will have different feelings about ourselves and may have to fight against negative thoughts, but now after thinking through this I have realized that I will fight to maintain a positive inner dialogue within myself! I want good things to flow out of me, that is important to me, so I will strive to be positive about myself and how I feel about me! 
I urge you to do the same!  Speak good things over yourself! Strive to be a better you! 
Fight for yourself!