A Back Injury Can Put You Out

I just have to start by saying I am sorry that I haven't been around lately! I, Little Sis have had a back injury for a while, and although yes it has put me out physically, I also let it put me out of blogging and other things.  So I am very sorry that I have been absent.

Let me tell you a little bit about what's been going on with me lately!

First, at the beginning of July is when my back got hurt.  I really thought it would get better, so to take care of it I stopped going to Cross Fit and just focussed on Yoga.  I did a lot of yoga in July, once I would get warmed up my back felt fine.  Then after a class it would hurt, and I would ice it.  I mean I couldn't bend over much, or lift things.  But I kept going.

I went to my Yoga Certification Training (which I have failed to tell you about....but I will), and pushed through the pain.  I did like 6 full yoga classes in 2 days, plus all my other trainings, so I was going hard.

I realized after I got back that my back was not better at all, actually worse, so I went to the doctor.  I haven't done one yoga class since I got back from TRAINING!! THAT SUCKS!! But my back has been so bad! I have been going to the chiropractor, and my job has gotten so busy! I worked long days the past two weeks, so I was very tired.  All I did for a workout was run some.

It has been kind of rough.  I have been tired and frustrated that my back is still hurting so badly.  I am constantly having to get others to help me lift and carry things because I shouldn't be doing it with my back.  Sucks, but if it will help it get better I will do it!

Anyways, work has been pretty rough on me, so I have been super tired and barely have had any time to be at my home, more less on the computer to share with you guys about life! I have missed it a ton though, and plan to keep you updated.

I go back to the doctor next week for my back and hope they can do something else for it to finish it off so that it is fully healed! I will let yall know! It just sucks how quickly a back injury can put you out from so much you are used to doing! I'm thankful it's only been a few months though, I know some injuries that have put people out for so long because of surgeries, physical therapy, and healing.  So I am thankful, but also ready for it to be fully healed!


So there's my SOB STORY.....hopefully things can get back to normal now!

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