In my other life...

I am Vegetarian.
Seriously. I am not a meat eater at all. Granted there is so much else that goes along with that lifestyle and it does intrigue me... but my man loves meat to much. Luckily, I am okay with out it.. so I don't eat it VERY often. All this to introduce you to my NEWEST food addiction. I could literally eat this Every. SINGLE. Day. The best part is.. 
Each item (besides the olive oil) I grabbed from my back yard! 
The olive oil that I use comes from a local farmer who grows his own olives too.. SO!!! 

This amazing awesomeness has few ingredients and they are:
Bell Pepper
Olive Oil
(salt and pepper to taste)
I start with the first four ingredients in the olive oil and sauté it for about 7-10 minutes. Then I add the basil and let it simmer, covered for a few.. then I add the tomato. Last night I let it simmer for about 6 more minutes, covered. It was so great!! SO great!! 
I love that my boy is starting to really love veggies. I am so thankful that we went ahead and put the garden in this year, though it is likely to be the only one we have here.. But we were able to teach our boy SO much with that garden. 
I seriously told Little Sis that I really wanted to do a Meatless Monday Edition on the Fitness Blog.. but I don't think she took me seriously. *sigh* 
If you have read this, I would love to know what your favorite meatless recipe is.. I am always looking for new things to create for my boys!! I hope you will go recreate this recipe and if you add something come back and let me know!! 
-Big Sis