Idol Lies

I started a new Bible Study today titled Idol Lies.

So far, it is quite intriguing. I am excited to see what the Lord shows me through this study with women... because I have a feeling it is a lot! We usually only think of idols as the painted figures that people worship... but that isn't the case. Idols are anything we put before God... and come on, honestly, how many things do we all put before God. To put it into perspective tonight we were asked a few questions and I would like to share them:

1. What do you think you HAVE to HAVE to be happy? -a husband, a child, money, a husband who is a spiritual leader, a bigger house?

2. What do you worry about the most? -money, your children, your marriage, your status, your image?

3. What do you think of when you think 'if I lost this, it would ruin my life?'

4. What are you proudest of?

5. Where do you run? -food, internet, friends, family, husband?

Those questions helped put a lot into perspective for me tonight... and to be honest, I am not quite ready to face these idols that I have in my life.. The problem in our lives is that we take Good things and make them ULTIMATE things which in return- become idols!! Do you agree with that? There was something that really struck hard with me tonight, my first night attending, that I am trying So hard to get the courage to write about. Sometimes the fact that people you KNOW read your blog makes it SO hard to be honest... bloggers do you hear me? :) I want to share so bad what was on my heart tonight, but it can be embarrassing!!! I am hoping tomorrow that I can get the courage to write... and share... and be raw.

Have you done this study? What study are you working on currently?

-Big Sis