I Workout Because I Can..


Even as a fitness instructor....I don't always want to workout.  

Many days, excuses still rise...

  • I'm too busy
  • The kids are napping and I could get work done instead
  • My house is a mess
  • Kids aren't sleeping, and it will just be too hard!
  • I just want to stay in bed...
  • I would rather do _______, [fill in the blank with just about anything else]
  • I just don't wanna

And the list goes on and on. 

Let's admit it. Many days, these excuses get the best of us. It's come to my attention this week though, due to several experiences of people that I know, whose ability to workout has been quickly taken away, that I GET TO WORKOUT! It's a privilege, a blessing! 


I remember the first time I had this revelation was in 2012. My mom, sister and I were running the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and an older lady had a shirt that said, "I Run Because I Can." That hit home for us so much. 

So many times, we let excuses get the best of us, to not workout, and yet, our ability to move our body, to sweat, to challenge ourselves is actually a gift. At any moment, our ability to workout could be taken away from us. We could get sick, hurt, or one day be to old to move and workout! 

Usually it's not until the ability is taken away from us that we realize how valuable it is! 

So my challenge for you this week, and this month, and this Fall, is to remind yourself the GIFT you have in your ability to workout! 


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Enjoying one of my favorite superfood smoothies topped with a delicious  Wella Bar ! 

Enjoying one of my favorite superfood smoothies topped with a delicious Wella Bar

Let this phrase silence the excuses in you, and appreciate the body you have been given, and your ability to move, and sweat, and take care of yourself! 

Because I guarantee that there are people in this world that are unable to do those things, and would do anything to be able to workout! 

And....if you are needing a little more encouragement to get your workout on!? One of my favroite ways to get motivated is to treat myself to some cute, new workout clothes! Some of my favorite being Prana brand! 

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This is my newest motivator, the new Filament Tank from their Fall line! I love Prana because they use environment friendly materials for all of their clothes, plus they seriously fit amazing! This shirt is so fun in the back, but also, it has a built in bra...[any excuse to go braless....am I right!?] But it is still so supportive just wearing it on it's own! 

Plus, if you need an incentive to "gift" yourself something if you hit a fitness goal, or stay committed for a certain period, Prana makes the most amazing pants and jeans! I have 3 different pair, and they come in fun colors (perect for Fall), they feel and fit PERFECTLY! I'm going to be living in these new Jenna Pants this season! They seriously fit my body incredibly, and make me feel so Hot! Plus the detail down the leg, and in the pockets give them some fun texture that I love! 


So get motivated, set some goals, and treat yourself with the new Prana Fall line! You won't regret it! Plus you can use my code FABS15 for 15% off! [code is good through November 22nd!]



Disclaimer:  Through my partnership with Fit Approach, I was gifted these clothes from Prana. All opinions are my own.