I Remember


It has been 2 years now Since the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. My son and I, who was not even 1 yet, lived right there with it. This was by far one of the scariest times in my life. I am so thankful that my friend Kim was there too with her little girl. Our husbands' were deployed at the time and we were cut off from the outside world for a while with no electricity. Today I am just going to share some of the pictures that I have from the aftermath from the local town that is down the road a bit from where we lived.. this is actually where my best friend and I were headed that day to go to Toys R Us. That didn't happen...

On March 11, 2011.. I remember where I was and will never forget, much like 9/11. I was gearing up to leave work soon, my students had just left the school and my best friend, Kimmy was coming to get me. We were going to go pick up Noah to go to Hachinohae to Toys R' US. The earthquake hit! OMG! I thought I was dying.. I am not kidding. It kept going.. they kept coming. Kim shows up.. we decide to go ahead and go.. we had no clue what had just happened was so terrible. WE were used to earthquakes.. we had one pretty sucky a couple of days before. As we were in the parking lot... getting Noah's carseat switched to Kim's van.. we just watched as cars shook from side to side as the aftershocks/earthquakes WHATEVER you want to call them... kept coming and coming!!!!!!

They wouldn't stop. We still thought.. maybe we will go. Driving around base was somber..... all the lights were out. #1 priority.. get noah from off base. We did... everything was off otu there too.. We finally decided it was best to go home. (Keep i mind, our guys were deployed) I can tell you that we had no clue the extremity of the situation in Japan... I would dare to say most of us did not. We spent the evening with no electricity and running to the car, to the doorway, or perfectly still.. always grabbing a kid or two.. depending who was closest -- each time another one hit. It was constant. No lie. We finally decided to drive to Main base and see what was up.. we ended up going to the Commissary and they just let us in even though there was no electricity and they were closing, but we got batteries. That night we sat in her dark house with our candles just talking about 'what if this hit the news, our family would be so worried'... but not seriously, like we were laughing. We had NO CLUE!

All through the night we kept getting the quakes, it was so scary. I just knew it was the end of the world. The next morning we were able to get AFN (our base radio) going on my radio and we heard the guy say something about "President Obama's address to the nation about the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan." We just looked at each other. NO WAY!!! NOOO freaking way. So, indeed our family did know about it, as did the rest of the WORLD! As we listened throughout the day we would learn just how bad it was.... but we still had no clue. The base set up an Emergency Center were we could go call our families. Even when we talked to them- we told them we didn't know how bad it was... everyone in the United States (or rather WORLD) knew what was going on much more than we did!!! We were able to check our email quickly at the FD and I couldn't help but sneak a peak at some of the pictures online.. I was IN SHOCK!!! I couldn't believe it. My home.. and it was SO close SO close to us.

My heart craves for Japan because that place became home to me. I went through a lot there... Losing Shane, Having Noah, 2 deployments, Earthquake and Tsunami.. and all of this I walked side by side with my best friends. I love that place and half of my heart is still there.. Always will be. :(

I wish that I had blogged right after it happened that way I could share with you what we were going through sitting there with not heat or electricity. How we improvised and warmed water for our babies to bathe, how long we were without electricity, how we used sitting in the van for warmth, how long we had to go without talking to our families and husbands.. But because we were without for so long... I never wrote about it I guess. I thought I had.. I didn't! :(