I LOVE FITNESS!.....Annoying or Inspiring!?

When you love fitness, are you annoying, or inspiring to those around you? \ I love FITNESS and HEALTHY LIVING! I love being ACTIVE, and learning new things about good NUTRITION!

Does that make me annoying, or inspiring to others!? 

When you are enthusiastic about something, whether fitness or something else, you walk the line of being annoying to people, or inspiring to people.  For some people, they are going to get annoyed with anything, so for those I say don't worry about it! 

From the aspect of being enthusiastic about fitness and healthy-living, I will share what I think. 

I believe that when you are consistent with things, when you are kind and gracious about the things you share. When you are real about the struggles, not just sharing the !!AWESOME stuff! When people can relate to you. When you offer good, easy to pick up advice. When you talk about things other than fitness. I believe having a good balance of this, can take you from annoying to inspiring. 

I do believe that if fitness is ALL you talk about, then it can be annoying. If you can't have one night out without talking all about your workouts and what you are eating, or bringing the attention to your food choices, then you are playing with the line of becoming annoying, even for your close friends. 

There is a balance to find. You must understand that even when you LOVE something, and you think EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE IT! That is not always the case, and you have to be okay with that. 

What I have found is that by living life like I do, being passionate yes, but even more than that, being consistent with a healthy lifestyle, and not PUSHING MYSELF or my FITNESS ENTHUSED ideas on everyone. When I do that, opportunity or advice seeking people come to me. Which I love! I love it when people seek me out to help them! It makes me feel good because I see that people notice my dedication and respect me enough to ask for advice. It also makes me happy because I am able to help someone and share the #LeaveYourLegacy lifestyle with them! 

People will notice when you are consistent. People will notice when you are dedicated. And in their own timing, they will respect that, and might even come to you for advice on how to get healthy! 

So my encouragement, when you LOVE FITNESS, and see the importance of LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! Be you, be yourself in every area of life! Be real! Stay dedicated. And you will see that people notice it and they will be inspired by it! 

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