So as many of you may remember, I announced a few weeks ago that I am becoming a Stay At Home Mom! Which obviously I am very excited about, but just to be honest, I'm not sure how we are going to do it. We don't have car payments, thankfully, (let's not talk about the hail damage that just happened, so we will be getting a new-used car, but still won't have a car payment).  But we obviously do have a mortgage, and bills to pay, plus plenty of student loans to share....(if anyone is looking for some!) So, we have our share of paying out that we have to do each month.

BUT.....we know that I am supposed to be home with Zander.  It is something I have dreamed of doing for years and years, and we are trusting the Lord that he will provide for us to be able to do this. I am reminded of the book I read by Heidi Baker, called "Always Enough." The book is about how the Lord provides through her missions in Mozambique, Africa, and how there is always enough for his children.  She says that literally each night for dinner they have to ask the Lord to provide, and believe that he will, otherwise all of these children would not eat.....and he came through in some miraculous ways! (Definitely recommend that book if you need a little encouragement about the faithfulness of the Lord).  Anyways, I feel like that will be us, literally each month asking the Lord to come and provide for us in miraculous ways, and watching as he does, and giving thanks to him as he shows us that there is always enough for us, his children.

I will not just sit around and ask though, I will be working towards things, or in my husband's words, I will be HUSTLIN'.

What does hustling' mean you ask.....well to him, I would say it means thinking outside the box and working things to make money...specifically for me, that means finding places to teach yoga at, selling things on Etsy, or getting creative and finding better ways to sale my products, etc.

So a few things I am currently working:


-I have just started teaching yoga at some local gyms, and have gotten on lists at other places to be a substitute when they need someone.  So this will bring in some small, steady income each month to help us!



I have just started back up in my Etsy Shop and have so many new items! You should check it out if you haven't! I have started doing some new things, like wooden custom/quote signs, and those are a big hit.  Plus we just launched our state/country wooden coasters, and those have been so popular.  We actually may be showing up on some popular daily deal sites in the upcoming months, so keep an eye out for that! (this is a product of me hustlin' which my husband was very proud of!)!! Here's a few pictures of our coasters:



3) Simply Suell So my husband has his own bit of creativity, and is soooo very talented in building and remodeling things.  He has actually really impressed me recently, and all he is capable of.  He has really taken on a hobby in building furniture and he has done some awesome pieces, including the Farmhouse Dining Room Table he built us, see that here.  Anyways though, he has started building some furniture to sale, and check out this most recent piece that we actually sold today!

10441366_258346157691758_6718545059405423508_n 10409466_258347211024986_4387883023184509435_n

People keep commenting on how talented and creative we are, but I cannot take any credit for this piece, this was all my husband! Well I guess I did tell him to go with the gray-toned stain, but that's about it on my part! And I won't lie I am a little sad to see it leave my dining room.  hahaha

Anyways, so as you can see, we are working hard to make this Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) stuff work, but we are also fervently praying each month that the Lord will continue to provide for us.  And it's all for this little guy!


Isn't he just adorable, and so worth the HUSTLE!!

little signautres