How to stay healthy during a season of sickness

This time of year can be full of illnesses....and if you have kids, it's usually double time. It's gets passed from one kid to the other in school, then you are lucky if you can keep a kid quarantined in your home without passing it around to all your kids, the husband, and yourself! 

That's when antibiotics come in so handy! But did you know that after being on a string of antibiotics, your health can actually be compromised. Not to mention it can also impact how our body processes food, and how much fat we store from the calories we eat!

Check out this video I did this week teaching you ways to stay healthy during a season of sickness. That way next time you are on antibiotics, you can use some of these tips to take extra care of your body and health overall. 

Here are some of the links I mentioned in the video: 

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