How I'm Fueling My First Post-Baby Half Marathon + a Giveaway

Well race day is upon me! I'm 5 days out, and I will admit, I'm pretty dang excited, and maybe just a tad bit nervous!  Mostly I'm nervous because my last few weeks of training haven't been as great as previous trainings had been.  I ran my 11 mile run 4 weeks ago, and had intended to run my top 12 mile run the weekend I attended my Yoga training, but that just didn't happen.  So add that first weekend of not hitting my far training run on top of two different times getting sick, plus some icy weather, and the last 3 weeks of my training has been quite all over the place. 

Needless to say though, I am still super excited and about 95% confident that I am ready and will do great! I believe my finish time for my first half marathon in 2012 was 2hr49min. and then my 2nd in 2013 I didn't keep track of the time because I did intervals (walk/running) with my mom and 7 month pregnant sister. If all goes well, I think that I will PR (hit a personal record) for my half marathon time. Now, that does excite me, although I'm not all about the time either. I am just a runner to run. I don't pay attention to what time I hit each of my miles in, etc. I don't really care about that. I was not naturally a runner, so just being a long distance runner is a huge achievement for me, and at this time I'm fine with focussing on that. Maybe as I run more long races, then it will be fun to see if I can beat my previous time, but that's not what I focus on. 

This run I will definitely focus more on proper nutrition and fueling my body for the run. I recently attended a "Nutrition for Runner's" Workshop at a local running store, and it really got me thinking and realizing that I need to focus on nutrition, before, during, and after my run. 

So here's my plan and what I'll be using to Fuel My First Post-Baby Half Marathon! 

How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition by @brittanysuell`

Before My Race: 

-Nuun Hydration- I drink a glass of water with half a Nuun Hydration tablet in it. I love the tri-berry flavor! It is a great way to start the race hydrated, especially since I don't run holding a water bottle. 

-RX Bar- I eat half of an RX bar before my race. Now granted I run my training runs in the afternoon/evening, and the half marathon will be in the morning, so I will probably add a banana to the half of the bar as well. 

How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition plus a GIVEAWAY from @RXBar  by @brittanysuell 

RX Bars are incredible bars that are made with REAL foods, and lucky for me, NO ADDED SUGAR! They are Whole 30 approved, and most contain some of the same ingredients like egg whites, dates, almonds,and figs, plus other stuff depending on what flavor. My favorite flavor is the Blueberry RX Bar! Oh my word! Can you say INCREDIBLE! Seriously, it's like eating a healthy blueberry muffin, and I LOVE BLUEBERRY MUFFINS! 

During My Race: 

-Flip Belt-I will be using my Flip Belt, it's not really nutrition related, but it holds all my goodies in place! My phone which will be playing "The Chalene Show" Podcasts, and tracking my run with Nike+, and My RX Bar that I will eat around mile 4-6.

-Bondi Band-Once again, not actually nutrition related, but Bondi Bands are my GO-TO head bands when it comes to running, or any workout where I will be sweating a ton! Let me know if you are interested in getting some, I have a lot in stock, and I'm telling you, they are great headbands! 

-Water-What!?! Yep that's right, I'll be taking advantage of the race water stations and staying hydrated! Gotta love that H20! 

-RX Bar-Around mile 4-6 I will be eating the 2nd half of my RX Bar! 

Did I mention that RX Bars are incredible and super yummy! Packed with 12 grams of protein, GMO free, Gluten free, Soy free, Dairy free, and full of yummy nutrition! And they come in several good flavors, so no matter what running mood you are in, surely you can find one to fuel your run for the day! 

Post Race: 

-Nuun Hydration-I'll be drinking the 2nd half of my tri-berry tablet, directly after the race, and maybe another later in the day to refuel and stay hydrated from the long run. 

-Vega Team Protein-After every run/workout, I always have a post workout protein smoothie with Vega Team Protein! It's a plant based protein powder that is yummy and doesn't have all the crap in it that some protein powders have! 

Now I don't know if I said enough about these wonderful RX Bars! You know with my journey of no sugar in 2015, that I am loving on the go snacks that are packed with protein, nutrition, real foods, and NO ADDED SUGAR, oh and they need to taste good. I've have fun making homemade stuff, but these things are awesome and so great to have on hand. Plus they have a coffee flavored one, and I love coffee! 

How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition plus a GIVEAWAY from @RXBar  by @brittanysuell

Actually this past weekend we took a quick trip to New Mexico for a day of skiing. Now it was a quick trip, so we had one day to ski, so we did not want to take time to stop and eat lunch. Instead, my husband and I enjoyed a yummy Apple RX Bar on the ski lift as we made our way to the top of the mountain! It was perfect! 

How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition plus a GIVEAWAY from @RXBar  by @brittanysuell 

So to celebrate my first post baby half marathon, RX Bar has been kind enough to give one of you guys a chance to try one of each flavor of their awesome RX Bars!!! Wahoo! Who wants to win these yummy bars! 

ENTER BELOW to WIN: 1 RX bar of each flavor + an RX Bar T-shirt! 

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How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition plus a GIVEAWAY from @RXBar  by @brittanysuell a Rafflecopter giveaway