How Do I Break My Bad Eating Habits....?

Okay, let's address this question that many times, multiple times, throughout our lives we ask: 3 Tips to help you get out of your unhealthy patterns and help you BREAK YOUR BAD EATING HABITS! from @brittanysuell

Let me start by saying I have not always had good eating habits. Really, my healthy eating has only manifested itself in the last year of my life. I have grown so much, and I am so happy with where I am. 

I used to eat fast food a lot, sweets all the time, and like my friends call it "kid food." I didn't like really any vegetables, I loved love cheese, (that hasn't changed), and chicken nuggets were my favorite food. 

So now today I'm not speaking as an expert on the topic, but as a person who has had the experience of changing my eating habits and finding a place of happiness. 

Whether your goal is to go Sugar Free, lose weight, stop being a slave to food, or just get out of an unhealthy slump, and be healthier overall, some of these tips will help! 


Stop dieting! Unless you are just doing a kickstart cleanse or something. Dieting gives the idea that you are punishing yourself or depriving yourself. When you do it that way, you tend to reach a breaking point where you will splurge or even worse binge on junk. It also gives the idea that it's just for a period of time, and when your diet is over you will pick up all your bad habits. 


When I realized that my lifestyle needed to change, I became successful. There was no "end in sight." This may scare some, but when you enter into a healthy eating lifestyle, you don't need an "end." You begin to thrive there and feel good, and enjoy it. Plus you are able to eat tons of yummy, healthy foods, no calorie counting, etc. I used to love the My Fitness Pal app, and I still think it's great, but once I changed my lifestyle I no longer needed it. When I began eating healthy, whole foods, I didn't care how much I ate. I knew what I ate was healthy, and that was good enough! This also means you are making full time swaps of things you would normally want. That's why with my NO SUGAR eating, I do not believe after 2015 is over I will jump right back in to eating sugar. I may not be as strict, but I think I will continue a no sugar lifestyle. It's not a diet or challenge for me, it's creating a new lifestyle. That's why I play around with so many new SUGAR FREE RECIPES, (<<<<click here to see those). I am finding ways to make some of my favorite foods but make them healthy! Like My Hallelujah Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins, which I'm enjoying at this very moment. I love blueberry muffins, so I created a healthy, sugar free recipe that my family and I will enjoy forever now! 


Too many times we think...if I do good for this long I will splurge! Get that thought out of your head! Stop splurging. Don't have a treat just because it's a special occasion. Then it just leads to one, after another until you are in a downhill spiral to where you started! Be strict on yourself and CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE! If you want something sweet, or your favorite treat for a birthday, find a way to make a healthy version. OR BETTER YET, change what your treat is! Instead of dessert after your birthday, choose an activity to do with friends, your spouse or family! Start making your treat doing something rather than EATING something! 

When you change your lifestyle to be healthy, it may be hard at first, but YOU CAN DO IT! And you WANT TO DO IT! And when you do, you will feel so good! You will feel healthy, strong, and in control. You will be happy with yourself, and feel good about yourself from the inside out! Lately I have just sat back and been thankful and appreciative for the lifestyle I live. I don't feel deprived or like I'm suffering or doing without! I feel like I'm doing AWESOME, and better than I used to! 

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What's the unhealthy habit that you want to break? 

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