HoopMama's Review &....

We are so excited to bring our first Review of the year! We have been so busy transitioning to our new website, that we have gotten a bit off track! But here we go!

HoopMamas's Collapsible Hoop

We were so excited to receive these hoops in the mail! HoopMamas' was so amazing and sent both Big Sis and Lil Sis a hoop to review.

How fun is this!??

Yes what you are seeing is a Hula Hoop made especially for getting your workout on!


If you are looking for a new/fun/exciting way to up your workout, we have your answer. These hula hoops are too much fun. I, Big Sis, could never hula hoop when I was younger... but these are different. These hoops are slightly weighted to make it easier to hula with them. They are for sure a nice workout while having fun. You are hula hooping to music and don't even realize the workout you are getting. The first day after I got mine, my abs were so sore!! But it was so fun! I have read stories of people who have lost a tremendous amount of weight by hooping and I believe it. I also think it is just so fun to have something different that you can do in the luxury of your own home when you need something to mix your workouts up. DSC_0004

Awesome height, really helps to balance the hula hoop.

When we received them in the mail I was like- whoa, this thing is tall! During the process of picking one out HoopMamas walked us through how to get one to best fit our size. They look rather tall, but are such a great height to do what you are doing. They go around your body with such ease that I honestly would not want it any smaller. However, if you are hooping with someone else, you better know the space you need... I would suggest NOT hooping next to this uncoordinated, Big Sis.... I really should take my hoop to Lil Sis' house this weekend and hoop with her.. :) That would be a sight for sore eyes AND funny pictures! :) We just got mine in the mail with our shipment from California.


Each Hula Hoop is unique and hand crafted!

We were able to go on the website and CHOOSE which hoop we WANTED! There were so many to chose from.. we kept going back and forth!! It was so hard to chose. You can see Lil Sis'... and Big Sis' is a mixture of many different bright colors. We don't have pictures because like I said- it JUST arrived. The fact that you are doing your hula hooping with such an adorable piece of art that was handcrafted makes it even better. They are fantastic!

DSC_0031 DSC_0030

This is just for fun!


Plus look at this great feature! It's foldable, so even though it's a huge hula hoop when you need it to be, it can easily fold down t be smaller!

When they arrived in the mail I was like "HOW do I unfold this?" All it took was reading the directions. I was talking to Lil Sis on the phone and expressed my concern that because they were easily folded the way they were, they would probably not be a perfect circle or would not stay that way. NOT the case. Amazing! This is truly a part of the hula hoop that is a HUGE selling point for ME! When we were packing up to move I was able to fold it up into that nice circle you see below and it got here with no issues!

This is truly amazing!!! The fact that it goes into a perfect hula hoop makes it EXTRAordinary!  Ribbet collage

Check out the easy, travel-size of it now! If you are a hula hooper who travels- this is perfect for you.. You can even take it along as a personal item on a plane! :)



DSC_0006 DSC_0002


 I can't express enough how great the customer service was over at HoopMamas' ... if you are looking for a hoop, they are the place to go. They got in touch with us quickly and the feedback they gave us was so amazing! Also, the fact that we have had these hoops for several months, but they did not get a review quickly speaks volumes. They have been patient with us throughout our many transitions of Big Sis moving and moving our website over... this shows how great of a business they are! Please go check out HoopMamas!

If you have never heard of these ... you need to jump on over and look at their website!

Find them HERE!

 We would love to hear if you have every used Hoop for working out! Please leave a comment with your experience!

 What is a Review without a Giveaway? The above hula hoop that is shown in the pictures will be some lucky winners! This is one of the funnest giveaways we have done to date- and we all know we have done a lot! This is unique, different, and FUN! This Giveaway will end on Wednesday, February 6th!!




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