HOOAH! I am a fireman!

Today is Day 3 of a week of participation in the Military Spouse Blog Carnival at Wives of Faith in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation. I have never participated in anything like this before, but I think it is a great idea. It is a week of taking their daily topic and writing from my heart. I really like it because I will be able to look back into the last 8 years of our military lives and tell you some of the things that I love so much about being part of this world.... and reasons I am so very proud of the man the Lord brought into my life. I hope you will join us here daily to read about the life that I love so much- Being a Military Spouse! 

Today's daily topic from Wives of Faith is Accentuate the positive: Describe your best military wife “Hooah!” moment (or, you know, “Oorah!” or “Hooyah!”–whichever word works for your husband’s branch of service!). You know it–now share it with us!

This question actually took a lot for me to figure out what to write... I wanted to be sentimental and talk about my seeing my husband the first time after so long at Basic or the day he returned from deployment. I struggled with this one too... because I haven't heard these terms too often in the Air Force. I talked to my husband about them- who gives me odd answers, lol- and I looked it up online. Online it defined "hooah!" as your "War Cry"....or expression of enthusiasm. so I kept thinking and thinking... I wanted to write something different from others... So I chose my best HOOAH! OORAH! HOOYAH! moment as the time I....

Got to play firefighter with my husband.I know my man's job is hard... but I never realized it until I was able to dress in the gear and walk with him, with the hose into a burning plane and put out the fire. It was an amazing experience that I am so grateful to have had... 

Putting on the gear in itself was a tough job. There is so much gear that goes with being a firefighter... you know, gotta keep our men safe. My man looks amazing in his fire gear.. shall I say- I did NOT look near as amazing as he did. I struggled getting everything on, including gloves... then to put the heavy air tank on my back was really hard... and then to walk around like you are in space! Let me just say... once I had ALL of the gear on.. I was definitely shouting "HOOAH!" because I was so excited. 

Then... they turned the water on and MY GOODNESS! Talk about heavy.. throwing me back... I didn't think I could do it anymore.. Thank God my husband was behind me.. helping support the hose! HOORAY I had help! 

Walking to the plane that was on fire.. was hot, hot, HOT! Even with all of the gear on, I remember being hot! I remember freaking out with the air thinking it wasn't working. I remember the couple in front of me breaking the wooden step going up to the plane.. and I had to figure out how to haul myself plus the hose, plus that gear up to the plane.. It definitely took a push from my husband...but once I was up.. I was definitely crying out "OOORAH" in my head because I had gotten up! :)

Getting closer to the plane with my husbands hand on my back... I felt he was pushing me... my view was fogging up... I was walking in the front... trying so hard to aim the hose to the fire. I thought I Was going to die... :) I was scared for a bit. My husband pushes me down- because I need to get down low.. He is talking to me.. DUDE! I CAN NOT HEAR YOU!!! All of this gear, smoke, fire.. how am I suppose to hear you? But guess what guys? We got that fire out! :) HOOYAH! And we back out....

We did it! One of the most exciting experiences I have had yet. I am so proud of the man my husband is... how he works so hard to support us.. I love embracing him when he returns from TDYs or deployments.. and doing this with HIM was so much fun.

HOOAH! to all of you!! 

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