Homemade Body Scrub

So excited to share this with you all! 
Last weekend I finally got to make my very own homemade body scrub! 
I love using body scrub, but last time I purchased a container of it, it was around $30.  
I realized that I could make some and decide what scent I wanted it for way cheaper.
So when we stayed in a little West Texas town last weekend, I went to a soap store where I purchased some yummy smelling essential oils.  I got the scent Pineapple Lime, it is very different, but very nice and smells refreshing.  
Anyways though, you don't even have to purchase any essential oils to add a scent to your own body scrub. There are so many ways that you can add a good scent.  
-First, the way I make the body scrub already has a nice sweet scent to it
-or you could add a baking extract, for example, almond or vanilla, anything you can get at a local grocery store. 
-you can also use spices-such as cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice
-or you can use a fine grater and grate orange or lemon peels into it

Here's the recipe I used and the different scents I made: 
-1 cup of brown sugar
-1 cup of pure cane sugar
-3/4 cup of olive oil (in the future though I will use COCONUT OIL!)
*You may want to add more oil as you mix it, depending on how moist you like your scrub
-add your scent to your liking
It works amazing too! I have loved using mine.  I made two different types and I keep one by my bath tub and the other in my shower....so I always have it! 
Here's the two scents I used: 
1) I used my pineapple lime essential oil & almond extract together! It is seriously amazing
**You can buy essential oils at Hobby Lobby or Natural Grocer stores, or online
2) I grated lemon peel, which is so refreshing.  Then I also put some Eucalyptus Oil in it.  This one feels so fresh when I use it! It's nice to know that it has fresh fruit peels in it! 

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-Little Sis