Home Sweet TEXAS

Big Sis Here! I tried my darndest to put these pictures in order.. After two failed attempts you get them in this order! This post is picture heavy! We did so many things over the 10 days we were with family in Texas... we visited Aunt Britt Britt in Abilene and we had so much fun. We were surprised to have our Grandma and Aunt Trisha tag along for the weekend.. It was fantastic! 
Our mom riding the dragon with my boy and my niece! 
We went to the East Texas Yamboree. It is a huge festival our small little town has.. people spend thousands of dollars trying to be the next Yam Queen.. No seriously. I really don't think you realize how crazy it is until you... move away. My freshman year in college my roommate thought it was so funny. I did not understand what was so funny about it! I just knew that I had a great time getting three days out of school, riding rides, and eating great food. If you are interested in what is it.. google East Texas Yamboree! 
My boy and I
My boy had so much fun riding rides at his first Yamboree. He also had a blast hanging out with all of his cousins.. All 7 of them! 
Me with my oldest niece and nephew

He had so much fun at our ALL DAY affair at the Yamboree that he passed out in the middle of eating his Nachos. He was sitting on the curb and just started falling over with the nacho in his mouth. It was so funny. So I picked him up and he woke up long enough to get one more nacho and then fell out. Uncle Brian helped me put his jacket on him so he could go home and sleep with his Gammy and TawTaw. 
My boy, Mommy, Uncle Brian
Someone got A LOT spoiled in Texas. We have honestly been trying to retrain him since getting back home. It is crazy what a little lot of spoiling can do to a 2 year olds soul. He was so excited to get a new bike from TawTaw on his first day in Gilmer... he really learned how to ride that bike quickly. From day one until the day we left.. he changed so much. He has a tricycle he uses at home and he rides SO fast.. so this was new, but he did GREAT! 
Aunt Britt Britt and my boy
Someone got lots of loving from his family too! Times like these are when I HATE living so far away. I think my sister said this was only her 4th time seeing him. That is so sad.. and so weird. But Aunt Britt Britt gave him a bath and then had some funny face time with him! 
Love these two! 

Oh my! My boy got to experience LA FINCA! Not once.. not twice.. but perhaps 4x in our whole 6 days in Gilmer. This Mexican restaurant is one of the places I HAVE to go when I go home. Sister is the same way. I don't think I ordered anything to eat until the very last night I went there. Every other night, I just ate chips, queso, salsa, and GREEN SAUCE! This green sauce is the best. I have NEVER liked Mexican food anywhere else except for La Finca. Those that live in Gilmer and complain.. they just haven't lived outside of that area for very long- that is the conclusion I have come to! I miss it, love it, and will always eat it! :) 
My boy loved it JUST as much. 
The picture below is when we arrived at Little Sis' house. We got there after 11pm at some point. We had left California at 7am (woken at 5am) and had taken two planes and arriving in Dallas at 6pm (4pm Cali time).. we had spent most of our day traveling. The last hour in the car to Abilene was so hard for my boy. He was done.. he wanted out. He was so tired. I hurt for him. He just wanted to 'hold me'.... but once we got to Aunt Britt Britt's... he was a LIVE WIRE! As matter of fact.. because he went to Aunt Britt Britt's room that night.. he did not fall asleep until closer to 3am.. and we had him up around 730am for church. What a champ he was. 
I would like to add that I did not get a single hug from my sister upon arriving. I even said something about it twice. All she cared about was getting that sweet boy in his hands. I love that he is loved so much. It makes my heart so happy. 
Below you see my sweet one. He became highly attached to the nephew's black angry bird. Precious. About the 2nd night in Gilmer he walked through the living room and told my sister and I "I be right back" and proceeded to walk out the door. It was pitch black outside. My little turkey just went to sit on the porch and enjoy the breeze. Isn't he precious. It amazed me how this 'city' boy immediately knew he was in the country and just walked out any door he could. He wanted to get in that dirt SO bad. I have never seen a child want to play in dirt so bad... made me feel guilty for living in the city. 
One of the highlights of our trip was the race. Our mom did the 5K, awesomely I might add.. and Little Sister and I did the 1/2 Marathon. You can read about Little Sis' experience HERE... and I will be writing mine... soon. I would just like to say that I loved doing this with them.. and now we are ALL THREE signed up for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon in Florida- in Feb. So excited. 
These are my best friends! 
Below you see my boy. This was the night we arrived at Dallas Airport. Before we got off the plane he told me "I gonna run to my Gammy!" And run he did. I was so happy he did that. We are proof that SKYPE allows kids to know their family ... and I am so thankful to have it. Though we have not used it as much lately. Living away from family is SO hard.. but thankful for that. I am so glad they have this picture of him.. because it is precious- his little face! 
My heart and soul
My little one LOVED playing with his older cousins.. He really loves this one. He has asked about him every day since he has been home. This little man was so nice to his small cousin.. I loved seeing them play. I love they both have blonde hair.. and I know my nephew's daddy would be SO proud to see them playing together. 
Wow! Uncle Brian really put a mark on my boy. He won't quit talking about the "4 wheeWer" with Uncle Brian. He went through the 'nasty water' in the 4 wheeler and he talks about it all the time. As matter of fact, my boy just told his daddy yesterday that he needed to get him a big boy 4 wheeWer like uncle brian! :) Daddy told him to ask Uncle Brian for one! :) 
HOLY DIRT! All this boy wanted to do was play with his dirt. Little Sis and I had a vendor show, which went awesome, and mom took my boy home. He got to play for hours in the dirt with Gammy and Tawtaw. Now that we are home.. he loves to dig and play in our empty garden. I love having a boy and am so thankful for the things he does! Love him. 
Mimi didn't get too much time with him... but she did come and play in the dirt with him. My boy thinks that MiMi is SO funny! :) We all do. 
This is his future wife, Sanana, as he calls her. They got to ride some rides together and enjoy life. Mr. Clay told my boy that he was a 'nut' for my boy to say, "I not a nut, I Noah."
Yesterday we were looking at these pictures and we saw this picture.. Noah ran to his daddy and said "Sanana's daddy said I a nut.. HE A NUT" 
The picture above and below are at DFW Airport when we got there. I was pleasantly surprised to see my grandma and Aunt Trisha along for our short trip to Little Sis'... we had so much fun! 
Bath Time, Aunt Britt's
Doing school at Aunt Britt's work
The first day in Gilmer we went to the school to eat lunch with my two small niece and nephew. It was a blast. I had not seen these kids in almost a year and a half. My how they had grew.. and my how they look even more like their daddy, my brother, then when I last saw them! I got to see my older niece that night at dinner! :) 
Below you see Noah seeing his TawTaw for the first time in almost a year and a half... TawTaw big time spoiled him by bringing the bike, helmet, and bell.. :) He loved it. 
I can't believe the trip I have been waiting for, for six months, has ended. It was so wonderful and yet went so very fast. It always goes so fast. This time wasn't AS hard leaving though because I know we will be home sooner rather than later! I hope you enjoyed my trip through pictures! :) 
-Big Sis