Home School Week 1


But you see, we didn't JUST survive! We loved it. Every.Single.Minute.Of.It.

Our first real week of homeschooling-- and we made it! I know it is just the first week and the excitement wears off.. I know better than most, because I have gone through the SAME thing during the first weeks of school when I taught before my kids! But guys-- this week.. it showed me, that the decision to homeschool my son… is the right one. I struggle if this decision is right because he is just such a people person and loves to interact…. but I really feel it is. I know that I can teach him better than anyone else.. and what I can't- his Daddy can! Praise God for such a great Daddy these kids have!


Everyone else posts their First Day of School pictures- so obviously, I had to, too! We wore normal clothes during the first day-- but we didn't even fix our hair I noticed in the pictures… but the amazing thing is.. we never LEFT OUR HOUSE.. so it didn't even matter! As you can see both my 1 and 4 year old were clearly very excited to start! I am amazed that just in the first week we are in a routine and my son knows what we need to be doing! I love it. He loves it! Life is good… and so very sweet.


So Day 1 I had him write Tuesday and Wednesday because we were working on our Daily Chart…. That took a while, so now I have printed them on cute letters and laminated them and he just moves them. Obviously that makes more sense for a 4 year old, right? HAHA! We literally did school ALL day the first day, because he did not want to stop… and it took him a while to do a few things. Funny thing is, we didn't even make it through everything. My plans changed.. and we only focused on Math, Reading, and Language Arts that first week…


Seriously, my prayer for this sweet boy is that his eagerness to learn continues through the years. He has ALWAYS had such  desire to know more, learn more, and be more… and I pray it continues as the years pass by. He has been so excited to start 'real' school. Though we have done school for years already, he knew we were starting Kindergarten and he was so excited. Love this boy.


The curriculum we are using has a good mix of games and activities on the computer to go along with the lessons and it is perfect. I subscribe to two different learning websites and one of them he has done now for over a year.. so he is very familiar when we go to it during school for a game to help us out on our skill.


Then there is the 1 year old… HAHA! After that first day, we try to get as much as we can into the early morning between brother waking and sister waking… and then we can't do much else together without her going nuts…so we play as a family and then in the afternoon when she naps again, we finish. I am sure this will work itself out-- and I welcome it! She is so darn cute!


Skills Week 1:

Math- Count to 100, Skip count by 10s, Write to 100, Even and Odd #s, Addition and Subtraction

Reading- Working through a Reading Book and I am SO amazed at how well this kid is doing!

LArts- Beginning Sounds, Ending Sounds (both are review, Vowels

Bible- Adam and Eve

We are keeping notebooks… and I will be so excited to show those to you and how they are coming along and working for us next week.. but for now, it is bed time for this homeschooling mommy!