Man life has been so busy since school started...well since before really! The month of August kept me so busy! With New Student Orientation and then the first couple of weeks of school! I was extremely busy...we had so many events in so little time...but it was so much fun! I absolutely love my job!

It is hard being a wife, having a full time job, and going to grad school though. Me and Meguell barely ever eat dinner at home together. Since he works at the restaurant at night and I take night classes it is hard to cook dinner and have normal at home nights together! But the last couple of weekends have been so good for us! He hasn't had to work on Saturdays so we have spent the entire day together! I have loved it! We have been doing little projects around our house...like decorating for the fall. This is the wreath that I made!
We also made some curtain valances for our house. This was a long overdue project, but I am not a big curtain person so I never wanted to get them. Until I saw what my friend did and I fell in love with it. Anyways, even though summer weather is almost over I'm glad we put curtains up. It will save us money and sweat next summer when the hot sun steams through our windows!
We also bought a big rug to put in our living room several months ago and never have put it out. But finally we did! And it ties in great with our curtains! It definitely brightens up our living room! I love it!
So we spent several Saturdays working on these things! It was so much fun to shop for our decorations...even Meguell enjoyed this!! And I LOVED making the wreath!!! So that was fun time we spent together! And then this past week we had two good date nights...both spent at the West Texas Fair and Rodeo!
Anyways, married life is so good! It is so fun to have our own home and get to decorate!! And get to do fun things to it! I absolutely love that! & I definitely love my husband a ton!