Holding Yourself Accountable

Since I started really running in the past four months I have just set daily goals on the mileage that I want to meet.... but I am finding as my mileage is being up'd.. That isn't really working for me. So I have decided that I am going to just make weekly mileage goals. I think this will help in the case that something comes up, the hubby makes plans, or I am just tired- I can adjust my goals for that day. As long as I reach my weekly goal, I will be okay. Even if I can't do three miles one day... I still know that I am closer to my goal today than I was a week ago! What an awesome feeling! 
Do you make running goals in regards to mileage? I do to keep me accountable. I am a list maker.. I like to make lists of things I need to get done JUST so I can mark them off. Even if I have already cleaned the floors, if it wasn't on my list- I add it... JUST so I can mark it off. Sad, eh? At the end of the day when my whole TO-DO list is completed... I feel awesome. That is something I have always loved about my lesson plans.... checking off our daily plans. So, since I have been doing in home daycare, I have had to adjust to that... but I just make plans for our days here too! Gotta mark off that list. 
I have learned for me that if I go into the day without a plan for running, I will hold myself back. I will let myself stop before I hit my mental goal because I didn't have a plan. I have found that if I have a plan already set by that morning I am more likely to continue running and reach my goals. MOST of the time I stope running well ahead of my body needing to. I just do it because I am bored. 
So... today I wanted to share what my weekly plan is... I want to come back here each Friday night/Saturday morning and give you an update for my weekly running plan. I have 1/2 Marathons I am training for! I have to handle it! :) 
Weekly Running Goals
Sat. 7/28-Fri. 8/3

Total Mileage: 25 miles