Hello Time Change....

So last night, after I got home from work and ate a little bit of dinner, I walked into my very large closet and was finally about to change out of my work clothes and into some comfy clothes.  I was about to grab for my favorite yoga pants when my conscience came into affect and said....

"Hey maybe you should put on some workout clothes and go to the gym or for a run..."

My first initial thought was "NOPE! I just don't feel like it..."

Then I was reminded of the time change.  I remembered how much I love running late at night, after dinner is done, and I've had a moment to sit down.  Then to still have enough daylight to go outside and run at dusk! It's the best time of day to go, and this is getting to be the prettiest and best weather to run in.

All of a sudden I was motivated to go for a run! Isn't it funny that the time change can have such an impact on my motivation.  I think it is because thinking of the time change and this weather reminds me of last Fall when I first became a runner.  That was my cycle, and when I was thriving and hitting many PR's for the first time ever.  I would get home from work, cook dinner, eat, relax, then go for runs.  I was very motivated and encouraged by my accomplishments at that time, so when I was reminded of my inner feelings at that time of year, it motivated me to get into that more now!

So last night I put on my workout clothes and ran a short 2 mile run then did a Turbo Fire HITT 15 workout! I felt good!


Another Motivation!

Now I also have to remember that bathing suit season is literally right around the corner, in the coming months! I know towards the end of April when the pool opens my BFF will be ready to go get started on our tan (especially since she is going to Hawaii this summer), so I need to be ready to get in my bathing suit with confidence!!

cupcakesThis is the bathing suit that I bought last year that I have got to be ready for!!

If that's not motivation I don't know what is!!

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