Hello, from the New Me! ....BrittanySuell.com

It's official, my blog has officially been changed to www.BrittanySuell.com, and I am loving it! Introducing www.BrittanySuell.com!

Now before I share all of my excitement with you, and give you some awesome news, and a sneak peak into great giveaways coming next week....I must give a mention to Naturally Fit Sisters.

Late last night as I was prepping BrittanySuell.com to go live, I messaged my sister to tell her that I was a little sad to see Naturally Fit Sisters be over.   This morning, she responded with this on Facebook, and I couldn't have said it any better:


"I have always been a blogger... In 2011 my blogging changed.. less personal into somethiScreen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.00.25 AMng different... My life changed that year, I began my journey to getting fit again... and life was so sweet. My sister and I created Naturally Fit Sisters... Along with blogging we were working with companies for reviews, we had our own online store, we were meeting people. Life was so sweet. As the next couple of years progressed we worked on continuing to get fit, running races, half marathons, doing vendor events with NFS. Our chats about our dreams with NFS were always the same-- We wanted to live life at home with our kids.. We wanted to have our own business....We would brainstorm on HOW we could make our own business become successful and our dreams to come true. 

Fast forward to 2012--I became pregnant with my little girl... life changed again. The military moved us AGAIN in a 18 month span... I was close to my sister, in terms of miles, for six months and it was so sweet.. we were able to work our business together and dream! IT was such a sweet time in our life. I had Sydni... and we prepped to move AGAIN to another new state. So in a 2 year span we moved from Japan-California-Texas-Florida. And.. I struggled, as I still struggle. I couldn't write on NFS when I was no longer fit-- not when I struggled so very badly with my weight AGAIN, after having Sydni.

Today-- Naturally Fit Sisters is changing to BrittanySuell.com and I am SO very excited for my sister! It is a bittersweet time for both of us as NFS was our baby for so long. For the past year especially Brittany Suell has held NFS together... and I have worked my Scentsy business. It is very bittersweet, but so great at the same time. You see-- our dream was to WORK together..... Our dream was to build BUSINESSES at HOME so we can raise our children.... and NFS set us both up for..."

Such a time as this!

Today I am running a thriving, growing Scentsy business that is going to help me achieve my goals for my future! She and her husband have their own business as it grows.. and now brittanysuell.com launches! As bittersweet as it is, I know that without NFS we would not be where we are today in terms of our businesses! So if you have been a follower of NFS, which many of you have been-- thank you for your support.. and PLEASE continue to support her... as her journey is really just beginning.. and man, it is going to be great!!!  -(written by Big Sis of Naturally Fit Sisters)


So there it is....my goodbye to Naturally Fit Sisters is complete! I leave her with a heart of thankfulness and excitement for the future!

Now, let me tell you how excited I am about BrittanySuell.com! Here's a few reasons I am excited!

Introducing, www.brittanysuell.com

  1. I feel like it will be easier to know you all....my readers and followers, because you will know my face, and I will be able connect with you on a more personal level. Since my blog is my name, I won't be some mysterious person hiding behind a fun blog name.
  2. I will be able to grow my own fitness brand more! In terms of Yoga yes, but in so many other ways as well....
  3. I have plans to be working with some great brands in the future! Which means, AWESOME PRIZES for you!
  4. I know that there are huge plans for me in 2015, and I am excited to see how BrittanySuell.com plays a part in that!
  5. I am ready to spread the #LeaveYourLegacy love! And inspire more and more people to make the most of their health and fitness for themselves, and for generations to come! To really LEAVE THEIR LEGACY!

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Here's some of the awesome brands that you will be seeing some GIVEAWAYS from in the next week, so get excited! 

Giveaways from BrittanySuell.com

Brands include: Nutrition Snob, Albion Fit, Latitude Gear RX (Mommy & Baby), The Skinny Confidential and more!

I'm telling you, I've got some awesome stuff, from some awesome brands to give to YOU!

Plus, next week I will be introducing my Podcast: Leave Your Legacy by Brittany Suell, and telling you all about it! 

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I would love to hear what you think about the new blog!! Leave me a comment below!

Much Love,


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