Healthy Parents=Healthy Families

If you know us, we believe so much in living healthy lifestyles and impacting those around us! Seriously, when you love fitness, it WILL rub off on your friends! The last 6 months since I started running, I have seen so many of my friends and families get inspired to run more, or start working out more! It is such a great feeling to see that others are making healthy choices because of the impact that you had on them!

How much more awesome is it for a parent to see that their healthy choices are impacting and motivating their families!! That is one of the big focuses that pushed Big Sis & I to create a fitness page.  Growing up, we may have played sports in school, etc...but we weren't into fitness as a family...we ate McDonald's a pretty good amount growing up haha.  (Oh, and I loved it :-) But now that we are older, our mother, and we have changed our lifestyle and desire to be fit.  A big part of that for my sister and I is wanting to have healthy families.  It is so important, especially these days to raise healthy children...not only to fight childhood obesity, but also for health reasons as they grow up.  And we wanted to start now, so that it would be easy for our kids as they grew up.  For us it has been a big lifestyle change, and challenging at times, we want it to be natural for our kids to choose the healthy choices over unhealthy.

Not only that, but we want them to enjoy exercising and fitness! Big Sis has been amazing at implementing this with her first born! She has taken him to so many races with her.  At some where it was allowed she pushed him in the stroller, at others she would sign him up for the kid runs, (usually a 1K).  He has LOVED it! And even when she's done 1/2 marathons, and obviously he doesn't run with her, it is still impacting him to see his mother being so fit!

So yesterday we got the opportunity to take our nieces and nephews all to the Color Run with us! It was awesome to see them get to run it and accomplish such a big fete for themselves! My oldest nephew had done one other run with us last September, a Mud Run.  The girls hadn't done it though because they tend to complain shortly after starting.  We decided this would be fun for them, and we just hoped that they would be fine and we could encourage them along.  Plus the color just makes it worth it, no matter how tired you were.

Here's a few photos from the Dallas Color Run!






So proud of our nieces & nephews!

I want to ENCOURAGE you: 

Take your kids to races with you, share your love for fitness with them even at a young age! You WILL rub off on them and inspire them to live healthy lifestyles as they grow up! You CAN change lives, starting with your own children!

My two nieces had never done anything like this, and didn't even know if they could. Of course they got tired in the middle, but barely complained. I told them, it is okay if you are tired and your feet hurt, this is your first time to run/walk this far! As you practice or do more activities like this, then it doesn't hurt as bad, it becomes FUN! By the end they were so proud of themselves, and thankful that they did it! They were even talking about when they could do another one!

Don't wait to impact your kids when they are older, let your love for a healthy lifestyle rub off on them when they are it will be easier for them when they get bigger!

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