Healthy Foods on Vacation!!

Well as you guys know we are off to the BEACH for Vacation! It is going to be a BLAST! Our house is going to be full of 10 adults and 5 kids (whoops I meant 6, I still forget that Little Sis has a baby)! We are going to have so much fun! The struggle is real when it comes to being healthy and vacationing right? How do you do it? To be completely honest- Me, BIG SIS.. I have never really strived to be overly healthy on Vacation. Little Sis has done it… and this time we will. So, you ask.. what kinds of plans do you have? Well we have a daily workout Schedule that Little Sis has put together! Check that out here!! I am going to share a little bit about some of the foods we have talked about making sure we have on hand while we are there! These are SOME of the staples that I know I want on hand while I am there!!!

1. Grapes!

I love grapes..a little too much, actually. But it helps me get my sweet cravings out of the way. A follower on NFS suggested freezing them for a late night snack.. when I feel munchy, and this is something I plan to do. The other perk to doing that is…. my son can't find all of them and eat them! :D


2. Ground Turkey

I started using Turkey when we lived in Japan… and I have never stopped. I buy ground beef occasionally. But most of the time, I stick to this. I like to brown it up mixed with onions and peppers and have on hand when I need a quick lunch or a pick me up… with some PROTEIN!


3. Bananas

I use bananas mostly in my smoothies and protein shakes. So, I will for sure have those on hand for me.. I have a feeling we are going to have to buy these in large quantities, because my two kiddos LOVE them and I am sure my brothers three do as well! We are having to plan for all of the kids too.. and if we are eating healthy-- well so are they! Teach them young, right?

(Little Sis----as far as smoothies go, we will definitely be making plenty of these! I have been substituting at least one meal, if not two with a smoothie every day, so I will definitely keep that up some on vacation. I think I might keep count of how many bananas are bought for our week vacay, because I definitely agree with Big Sis, we might have to buy a box full for our family!)


4. Granola

I am not a HUGE Granola Gal myself.. but Little Sis is. I believe she is making some to bring with. My husband normally has granola, greek yogurt, and some nuts for his breakfast, so having that on hand will be nice. Also, it is a healthier snack when we are in need of something to munch on. Sometimes eating something like this takes away the need to find that chip to munch on because of the crunch!

(Little Sis---We have learned to love granola at my house and use it just like Big Sis says...when we are craving a snack in the afternoon or late at night, the hubs and I both go for this. Plus I have started mixing it with Greek Yogurt & freezing it for a bit, then when i want a sweet dessert I have Frozen Yogurt & Granola!! yum)5

5. Apples

We love apples in this house. My son is ADDICTED. When my 1 year old sees one she continuously says "appp" "appp" until we get her her own! SO we will have loads of apples here to. For just my family, I buy about 2 bags a week-- overkill much? Apples help me when I need a quick snack or get a little hungry at night! 4

6. Sweet Peppers

Oh how I love these! I eat these raw and cooked. I throw them on a wrap or mix them in my veggies. If you have not had these, you should! You can get them in bags at almost any Grocery Store. I am a HUGE FAN!!! I never thought I would like peppers raw, but the crunch is great. They are so great to dip in hummus as well! 3

7. Almonds

One of my favorite on the go snacks! Quick, healthy, HITS the spot!


8. Almond Milk

I will need my Almond Milk for my protein shakes and also if we do smoothies. I normally do like 1/2 cup of this and 1/2 cup of water. It helps my shakes and smoothies be a little creamy. 1

9. Protein Powder

Because we are planning workouts… of course I want my handy, dandy protein powder. I have been using Shakeology, but am finding I love this one so much more. I am more satisfied, full, and overall just happier with this product!!


I think the smartest thing that we have planned to do is to cook at our house.  That is going to be so helpful.  For the week we have planned one night to eat out, which will be fun, and won't mess us up.  But when you go on vacation and have no plan at all, or your plan is just to eat out the entire time, then personally I would say it is harder to stay on track.  So I'm feeling pretty good about this vacation so far!

What tips do you have for us? If you were/are going on vacation-- what healthy staples do you make sure that you have?