Healthy Body Image

We are so excited to have Lynn Guest Posting for us today! She runs a fantastic blog over at Illegally Blonde  and today she is here to share about Healthy Body Image! Thanks for writing for us today, Lynn! 

Hello All! My name is Lynn and I blog over at Illegally Blonde. I began my blog to document my first year of marriage and practicing law. It has grown to much more! No I'm in my second year of practice I blog about the struggles of working full time, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and marriage.

Yes, I am a former beauty queen. I competed in pageant to help fund my college and law school education. I loved it! I met great new friends and have wonderful opportunities to touch the lives of women fighting domestic violence. So, when the crown was off and I resumed normal life I had a hard time well, umm, getting back into the groove.

Non finalist talent award

I was never fat to begin with, and I had always has a healthy body image until post pageant. I binged my first couple weeks post pageant. Ate carbs, ice cream, cereal, sodas... I gained some weight. I then noticed the change in other people's perception of me. They noticed that my clothes fit a little more snug and I did not get as much attention my boyfriend. Let's be honest people I was still very slim and practically no body fat! But somehow, 25 year old, 120 pound me became obsessed.

I know now it was a contol issue. I had no control over so many other aspects of my life from beginning law school, to my love life. I could control my weight. It started with monotonous dieting. I ate the same thing everyday because I knew exaclty how many calories it was. I was weigh myself everyday to make sure I kept it off. I looked at my body in mirrors from every angle every day. Then law school happened. It got worse. I uped my workouts and lowered my calorie intake. I was obssessed with being skinny. If I couldn't be the smartest, I wanted to at least be pretty. Pretty in my mind was being thin. Sure I was healthy for the most part. I learned how to make my favorite foods better for me using substitutes. I worked out which kept me alert and ready in class. But I know that it was all about control. I would freak out if I gained even one pound. At one point I was down to 110 pounds on my 5'6 frame. My friends from home laughed and said eat a cheeseburger! But I know they were worried about me.

Now, I'm almost 30 and work full time. I'm at work most days for 9-10 hours or more. I cannot workout frantically and I get hungry and let's face it, my hormones have caused my once thin hips to become "baby ready." I cannot be 110 pounds. It was very hard for me at firt. I flirted with diet pills, cleanses and other things.

Happy, healthy me!

Then I realized I was hurting myself. I was unhappy, unhealthy, and most of all, hungry! Today I know that healthy is better than skinny. I am still thin, but its because I maintain a healthy diet and good exercise habits. I get to the gym at 5am before work and make delicious meals (when I have time) for my husband and I. I could blame TV, magazines or even the boyfriend who said mean things when I gained a little, but its me to blame. I let something other than my own brain control me. I do know that we need to stress to girls and women the importance of a healthy body image. It's not about a size on the dress or a number on the scale, its about health.

Come vist me sometime and read more about me and my life!