He is faithful to the end....

Well....let's just say this past weekend was pretty stressful and spiritually draining for me and Meguell! Even though we did get to go to a Hillsong concert on Saturday and that was good, there was still a lot of stress on us as leaders of the Spring Break trip for our church. Then, God did something amazing...that was not only a sweet material gift from him, but also ministered to our hearts!

Yesterday we were sitting at home and a friend of mine was coming over....when I heard her pull up I opened the door and her and another girl came walking up to my house carrying a large box! I stood there astonished asking "What are y'all doing....what is this?" They just smiled, walked in and laid the box down, and said, "Don't ask questions....just be blessed." They laid the box down, grabbed a quick hug from me and scurried out the door saying they had to go to Lifegroup.

I stood at my door as they drove away with my mouth wide open....these two sophomore girls in our college ministry just laid down a brand new television in our living room and left us with no explanation!

REMINDER: our house got broken into in January and they ripped our tv out of our wall....

Anyways, I turned to Meguell and said, "What do we do now...?" and he picked up his guitar and said..."I guess we just worship."

So we sat in our living room and sang praises to the Lord because he is so good and so faithful! And it wasn't only that he gave us this gift, but also he ministered to my heart through this!

Out of all that we had been going through in the weekend and the stress and heaviness I felt, in that moment I felt the Lord say, "I can take care of you!" I mean the TV is just a symbol of that, and something for me to see, which may be what I needed to believe his words...but at that moment I remembered that my God is good and powerful and can take care of me in all things!