That's right...it's NATIONAL COFFEE DAY! So you know what I'll be doing...all day long!  Happy National Coffee Day + A GIVEAWAY

Let me tell you why I love coffee! 

1) I love the atmosphere that coffee sets....

  • A cozy morning on a cool day
  • A hot mug while reading a book
  • Snuggled by the fire with a warm drink
  • Early morning smell drifting through your house
  • All things Fall, Winter, and Christmas! 
  • Long conversations with friends
  • Oh the flavors...the flavors you get with coffees do so much on their own
  • Vacation, and coffee shops! 
  • Sitting on my back porch and taking in the morning, but starting first with coffee

2) Coffee is inspiring! 

  • Coffee makes me want to get up and move
  • Coffee makes me happier to run around town doing errands
  • When I drink coffee I feel like I'm a better person
  • I read more when I drink coffee
  • I feel better on long runs when I've had coffee before

3) I love drinking coffee with other people! 

  • Conversations are just better when you have a hot coffee in your hand
  • A coffee shop is a good place to meet a new or old friend
  • Coffee takes away the pressure to always hang out with people around meal times! It gives you something to do while chatting with friends, but not having to stuff your face while doing so! 
  • Even the idea of being at a coffee shop alone, but knowing others are drinking it too....makes you feel good! 

4) I love the taste! 

  • At Home: flavored coffee+half-n-half+honey
  • At a coffee shop: house coffee+honey+steamed half-n-half
  • When I need to: I'll drink it black

5) Coffee makes inspirational quotes and t-shirts more fun! (some of my favs)

  • "All I need is a little bit of coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus"
  • "I don't need anymore coffee....said no one ever" 
  • "This house runs on love, laughter, and lots of strong coffee."
  • "Coffee is a hug in a mug" 
  • "Coffee before Talkie" 

So while we are on the subject of Coffee shirts, how about a GIVEAWAY!!! 

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Happy National Coffee Day + A GIVEAWAY


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