Happy Halloween!!

I know some people don't like Halloween or don't agree with it, but I think you can have fun with it with out going off the deep end and getting all dark and stuff!

First off I enjoy decorating my house for Halloween...and like I said in my previous post I like using fun colors, not all dark scary stuff!

Plus, carving pumpkins is a fun Halloween tradition that brings back so many memories for me as a kid...and even through college I have carved a pumpkin with friends almost every year! Some of them were awesome and took a lot of time, others like this year was short and sweet but still turned out cute!

This is from this past week...in case you can't tell it's a bat!

It was also fun to give the boys an opportunity to experience this "American Tradition..." although they didn't understand how this could be FUN and really just thought it was nasty! haha I think they eventually enjoyed it though!

Our Family Pumpkins!

Then Halloween also makes room for fun parties where people can dress up! I must say...I have hosted some awesome Halloween parties in my day! (Usually assisted by friends) and my favorite part about parties is the fun festive food that you can make!
Throwing up pumpkin!

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies---homemade!

Plus I loved decorating a Pinterest like Halloween table this year, all on my own! For the party I made Cheese dip, homemade salsa, guacamole (throwing up pumpkin), my famous pumpkin spice bread, caramel apples, popcorn, candy corn cookies, plus some candy! And we had hotdogs & smores with all the kids!

Party Table!

Party Table with the lights off!

Along with the fun food, at our party for our boys friends we had a great game for them to play! I named it the "Ooey Gooey Guessing Game" We set up a table of buckets filled with different kinds of food...we then covered it with an old sheet and left holes over each bucket for their hands to go through! They had to walk by and guess what was in each bucket!

To make it more fun, we decorated outside with spider webs, a black light, candles on the table, and I made labels for each bucket saying what they were supposed to be.

Ooey Gooey Guessing Game

Here's the list for each bucket:
1) Human Tongues: banana pills
2) Blood & Guts: whole peeled tomatoes
3) Veins: cold spaghetti noodles
4) Brains: gooey puddy
5) Dead Fingers: baby carrots
6) Eyeballs: pilled grapes

They had a blast!

And tonight I am so looking forward to giving candy out to sweet kids dressed up ringing my doorbell! I have never been able to do this because of where I live, but I am excited for tonight!