HAPPY EASTER! Plus My Yoga Schedule For the Week!




I think it's safe to say that Zander is not a big fan of the chicks. Who by the way have grown a ton over a 2 week time period! I sure am glad kids don't grow that fast! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, join me tomorrow for a yummy, Homemade Peanut Butter Cup Recipe, which I gifted to my husband as this year's Easter candy! (NO SUGAR!! SO I GOT TO ENJOY SOME CHOCOLATE TOO! Wahoo!)

Here's my Yoga Class Schedule this week! I would love for some of you locals to join me! 

Join @BrittanySuell for Yoga this week!

Tuesday, April 7th – 9:30AM – D1 Abilene

Thursday, April 9th – 9:30AM – D1 Abilene

Friday, April 10th – 5:15AM – Gold’s Gym of Abilene

Sunday, April 12th!!!! Big D Half Marathon in Dallas, TX! 

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