Happy Easter from California

Happy Easter! He is Risen!
I love Easter. I especially love it now that I have a kid. This year was so much more fun then last year because he was able to be excited about things, say everything, and just be so much more involved. Our Easter celebrations really started on Friday in Daycare where we had an Easter Party that included dyeing and hunting eggs. It was too much fun. My in-laws came to visit for the week, bringing their one year old boy, so they were here for the rest of our celebrations. On Saturday the Daddies dyed eggs with their boys. My little man did so well. He loved it. EVERY.BIT.OF.IT! 
Showing off his eggs! 
On Sunday morning I woke up and made everyone Easter Pancakes. I put a peep inside each pancake and the marshmallow melted... they said it made it yummy. Of course I did not eat any of it since I am trying to get this weight off. Below you can see the final product... don't judge, it was my first time! :) I was happy with them... My boy was obviously happy too. 
I like my little Peep Pancakes

Little man loved how it looked- but did not eat it! :) 

After breakfast we pulled out the Easter Baskets. It seemed my newsfeed on Facebook was filled with the Easter Baskets on Saturday night.... and to be honest, I was SHOCKED! So many Easter Baskets had items in there that made it seem so much more like Christmas or a Birthday! I was happy with my Target $1 Bin items, and I know my boy was too! When did kids start getting full out gifts for Easter? My little man enjoyed all of his different items... and I told him that Jesus brought them for him... :) Love him. 
I purchased one of these toys that he is holding for him and
his cousin who is here. Before we got to church MY boy had
already popped both of them! 

After we did our Easter Baskets we let the kids search for the small chocolate eggs that I hid around the living room. They loved it. They had so much fun looking... and could not get enough of it. I love watching the joy that was all over my boys face... every time he found a new one. Lucky for him his cousin wasn't really too interested in all of the candy, but he was!! 
One small chocolate egg that was out of reach! 
Then we got ready for church. What a blessed day we had a church. I really enjoy church services when I leave feeling like I got something out of it. I know that God was there today and I was able to really feel his presence. When we got home we put the two little boys to sleep and started working on lunch. We went the easy route today... We grilled. On our menu was: Steaks, Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Grilled Asparagus, and Deviled Eggs! It was great! 
Our deviled Easter Eggs
Then of course we had dessert. I made vanilla cupcakes with a Reeses PB in the middle. I had made homemade icing as well- but it didn't turn out so we didn't put any on. I really didn't care! :) None of us are huge sweets fans... so It wasn't a big deal! 

My lacking icing cupcakes
After lunch we searched for Easter Eggs. It was so fun. As I ran around taking pictures, the in-laws were trying their darndest to get their little one to care about getting the eggs. The husband was having a good time with the boy-- searching for eggs together. They all had so much fun. I was so blessed as I was reminded how lucky I am to have these boys in my life. After the Egg Hunt we stayed outside and played in the sprinkler. It was an amazing day. 
My boys...

Easter is amazing... and beyond everything we did today, I kept remembering what Christ did for me. As my boy gets older, I want to make sure to instill in him what Easter is all about. I am blessed.
My cup runneth over.