Hallelujah! A Blueberry Muffin Recipe with NO SUGAR!

If you gave up sugar, what's the one thing you would miss the most??  For me, it's Blueberry Muffins! 

OMG, I love me some blueberry muffins! 

Honesty time, my biggest fear with this journey of GIVING UP SUGAR IN 2015, is that I will get pregnant, and not be able to enjoy blueberry muffins whenever I want like I did in my previous pregnancy. Yep! So now you know....

Well I am very happy to say that I have found a way around it, and I made Blueberry Muffins with NO SUGAR!?!?

What, what?? Yep, that's right. Now they might not be like the one's you get from Starbucks that are topped with sugar streusel, but they are yummy, and taste like sweet blueberry muffins! And I've decided the more I eat these muffins, the more my taste buds will get used to them, so...I'm going to be making these muffins ALL THE TIME! 

As a matter of fact, I enjoyed eating the first batch I made so much, that I totally forgot to take some good quality photos of them. 

So, here's what you get! 

Sugar Free, Gluten Free, super tasty Blueberry Muffins by @brittanysuell

Now don't judge the book by it's cover, I know these aren't great photos, but I'm just telling you that these muffins are full of yummy goodness! Goodness that you are going to want every single morning! 

Sugar Free, Gluten Free, super tasty Blueberry Muffins by @brittanysuell 

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QUESTION of the day: What would you miss the most if you gave up sugar!?!

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