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Today I am very excited to share with you about the Gymboss Interval Training Timer!
Not only because it is a great fitness accessory, but because my husband is going to be sharing with you the things he has loved and found handy about our Gymboss.  I was so excited to get my pink Gymboss Timer in the mail, then when I began using it, I realized I didn't have a ton of use for it, since most of my workouts were runs at the time because I was training for my half marathon.

So I let my husband use it for his strength training workouts, and he has really found it handy.  Here are a few of his comments about the Gymboss.  Um and yes my husband did carry this pink timer around the weight room :-)

"It is incredible how much time you can waste in the gym. When I started working out many years ago, I spent up to 2 hours in the gym. With moving weights around, rehydrating, and stretching between lifts, and occasionally getting sidetracked watching the Top 10 play on ESPN…haha, it seemed like half my time was spent NOT working out. The GYMBOSS cut my workout in half and gave me better results. With the multi-function timer, I am able to move through my workout without distraction and wasting time. I enjoyed the continuing rounds that it gave me and the ability to choose the vibrate or bell notification for the next set. The hardest part in workout accessories is the instruction- there is not much to the instructions of the GYMBOSS- it took me 2 or 3 workout to really figure out how to use it. After that, I believe it essential to anyone's workout especially if you spend half your time catching up on your ESPN at the gym… the GYMBOSS is your own personal trainer -  yelling at you to keep on pushing through. 
The Auto function works great - the GYMBOSS tells you when to stop and start at every point of the workout. With a 30 sec. activity and 1 minute rest programmed you can do 20 sets in 30 minutes thats 4-6 different exercises in 30 minutes. High Intensity and High Impact = High Results"

I am so thankful that my husband wanted to share with us, and I am so excited that Gymboss is sharing with one of our readers!! Enter in the rafflecopter below for a chance to win your own Gymboss Interval Timer!! 

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