Growing my Blogging Community!

Yesterday I got very inspired by reading a post by Tatertots & Jello. She is partnering with 4 other bloggers and they are doing a 5 day series of making your blog better! So they are giving all sorts of tips.  In the TT&J post from yesterday, she specifically addressed the topic of Growing Your Blog. I found this very interesting because I blog pretty often, but I don't really know if a lot of people read my blog.
 You see when I first started blogging it was right after losing my brother.  It was the hardest thing, literally that I have every gone through, and my sister started blogging, and then so did I.  So for a long time it was a place that I would come just to let out all of my emotions.  It was a nice relief, and I really don't think anyone read it at that time. Which was probably a good thing. I will recommend anyone who is going through a tough situation to use blogging as a way to write out all your feelings, I found it as a handy coping mechanism.
Anyways, so eventually I would write encouraging things that the Lord was teaching me, and that is when I discovered the share button on my blog.  I would then start sharing my posts to my facebook, and I found that a few of my friends would read my blog.

Even now though, I am really enjoying being a wife and taking care of my home, so my blog has really turned into more about that.  About all the adventures we take, about life, about crafting which I love to do, about party planning which also makes me so happy.  All of these things, and I have found that a few more people are starting to read my blog....BUT I want to have more interaction with my readers, and really build a community within blogland.

And yesterday I was inspired by the words on this post by TT&J: 
"Really, community IS the blog.  If the community is gone, the blog doesn’t even exist."

That hit me hard because I realized if I didn't have a community within my blog then my posts/blog really mean nothing! So I have decided to do a few things to build that community! And I am inviting you to join along with me!

Below I will list some of the ways that you can get more involved! You can choose one or all of them! But I would love see you be a part of this and know that you enjoy my posts and I would love to see you interact with me!

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Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing who joins in on the fun!