Going to the Chapel with NO REGRETS!

One thing that bothers me is when someone tells me I am going to regret my wedding... I understand that I could have a very simple wedding at a little church and spend barely any money but I also realize that in my ONE LIFETIME that this will be my ONE WEDDING EVER!! Therefore, I am going to make it as special as possible!

Meguell is the man of my dreams and our wedding is a celebration of our love for one another...and I want it to be as special as possible!!
Also, my wedding has been something I have thought about and dreamed about and had ideas prepared for at least half of my lifetime! Something I have looked forward to for a very long time!! Therefore, it is something I intend to make unforgettable!!
I am so excited about our wedding and I know Meguell is too...and I can honestly say that I believe we will have NO REGRETS after we are married! But will be able to look back on our wedding and smile and kiss one another with happiness knowing that that day was as special as we are to each other!!
I cannot wait for DECEMBER 19, 2009 when I become the wife of William Meguell Suell!!