Why God Cares About Being Healthy....

Week 1 of the "Made to Crave" study. made-to-crave-2


So....as I mentioned last week, I have started a class at church over the book "Made to Crave." You can read in my first post how I wasn't even sure WHY I was taking the class, I just knew I was supposed to.  Well let me tell you about week 1!

It was great!

In summary, this is the big revelation I gathered from our first class and discussion, and the reason I feel like I am taking this class!

I have never understood the relationship of God and losing weight-fitness-health.

Of course there is this verse....

1 Corinthians 16:9

"Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;"

This is the verse I always come back to when pondering on the thought of why fitness, or being healthy is important to God.

Even as I have begun teaching yoga, and have such a strong desire inside me to impact those around me to live healthier, more active lifestyles, and treat their bodies as a temple, I have wondered...WHY!?!?! What's the deeper purpose? Other than helping people get healthy, how am I impacting their lives for eternity, how am I taking part in Kingdom works!?

Then this question was asked in our book:

"How do you respond to the idea that issues with food or weight can wage war on your soul? (1Peter 2:11)"

["11 Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul."]

And there was one part in the study book where we checked off things we believed about ourselves in relation to losing weight...and this one really stuck with me, and I checked it off!


"I'm not sure this is an issue God cares about." 

So let me be REAL HONEST for a second. 

There have been several occasions in my life when I have judged people!

Yep I said it...I'M A JUDGER! 

I'm sorry, but it has happened.

On this subject, I have judged people when they relate their weight loss experience to some big encounter with God!

I feel so terrible saying this, but it's true.  I always felt like they were over-spiritualizing it.

And to those of you who have had an encounter with God during your weight loss, healthy living, or fitness journey, I want to say I AM SORRY!

Here is what the Lord taught me during WEEK 1 OF MADE TO CRAVE!

In my own words, here is how I answered the question above:

 "How do you respond to the idea that issues with food or weight can wage war on your soul? (1Peter 2:11)"

This is huge, it makes so much sense to me now! {The way weight wages war on our soul is through} Inner Dialogue: it makes us lack self-confidence and {struggle with our} identity, so it's harder to be who we were created to be, to go after our dreams, and {live out} our destiny! I am starting to make the connection in my own heart/mind of how God is related to food---health.

I whole heartedly believe this! Why wouldn't the enemy choose to use food, a necessity, to war against our inner most being: who we are!! Since food is something we NEED in life, it is harder to see that it can be the devil working! But it is! How much more free would we be to live truly being WHO WE WERE CREATED TO BE if we weren't enslaved to food?  

I now understand and fully believe that there is a reason God put this desire inside of me.  This desire not only to teach yoga and fitness classes, but a desire to encourage and motivate those around me to change their lives to be healthier.  In the beginning I thought it was just because I was passionate about families being active together and being able to enjoy life and adventure together in healthy bodies....BUT THERE IS MORE!

I have been given this desire, this urging in my heart, because when people defeat the enemy's attack on their health and eating habits, then they are partnering with the Lord, they are overcoming lies, and BELIEVING WHO THEY REALLY ARE, and that will enable them to live lives being WHO THEY WERE CREATED TO BE! 



I am so excited about the next few weeks and the journey I will be taking through this book!

I know the Lord has so much to teach me about WHY I have a desire to teach fitness and encourage others around me to live healthy and active lifestyles!

What do you think about this topic


Does any of this resinate with you?

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