God Gives Us Babies to Show Us the Depth of His Love For Us!


I have figured it out.

I know exactly why God made me a mommy and gave me a baby.

God gives us babies to show us the depth of his love for us.

You mommy's out there have to know what I'm talking about.

That overwhelming sense of love you get for your child.  The I can't get enough of you's. The I could play with you all day long.  The I just need to hold you longer.  That feeling of desperately wanting your child to get in bed, then once you lay them down, you can't help but want to scoop them in your arms again and cuddle them longer.  The I just want to hear that sweet giggle all day long.  That feeling of separation you get when your baby is all the way in the back seat of the car buckled safely in the carseat, but really you wish you could strap them under your seat belt and hold them throughout your entire car drive.  The feeling of just wanting to look at them all day and breathe in their perfection and cuteness.  The feeling of unbelief you get that this child is yours and yours alone (I mean your husband's too of course), but you get to keep them forever.  That feeling of wanting to say I love you OVER, and OVER, and OVER again, but it still wouldn't be enough.

I think I could go on forever.  All of these things, plus the things you can't contain or the feeling of love that you get but can't quite convey or feel to the fullest.  I think it's that....the more that you want to convey and feel.  That is the depth....it can't be felt or conveyed here on earth or between us humans.  But it's there. You feel it.  You can almost taste it, but you can't quite get there.  That more that we are missing here.  God put it there on purpose.  That love that we want to show more of, that is the DEPTH.  The Lord gave us that as mother's on purpose.....it's just one of his sweet ways that shows us the DEPTH of his love for us.

And one day, the more will be fulfilled, and we will be fully enveloped in the more, the depth of his love. One day, when all is made right, when our Savior returns, we will get to grasp the sweetness, the fullness, the overwhelmingness of the DEPTH OF HIS LOVE FOR US.

Until then, just dwell in that sweet place of more.  Not only for your own children though.

No....go before your Daddy, (Father God), and be the child.  Feel the more that he has for you.  Because just as we lavish all that sweetness over our own children, he wants to lavish it over us, even now.  So make time for yourself to feel the depth of the love that your Father has over you, his sweet child.

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