Goals are Important


So in doing the April Fit Challenge this month, I have been really consistent in working out throughout the week.  I am telling you, have a planned workout for the week is a way to keep you accountable because you know you have something planned for a certain night, and you want to accomplish it.  It has been so fun and challenging.  I really feel that as I lift weights I am seeing my muscles toning and I love that!! I plan on carrying these workouts in to May as well, but maybe adding more cardio days throughout my week as well.

Anyways, on Monday night after returning from the gym I realized I have all of these goals inside of me, but I haven't voiced them out.  I have these expectations for myself on the inside, but my husband doesn't know them at all.  And I realized how important it was for my husband and I to share our goals!

Goals are Important!

For my husband and me, I realized that knowing one another's goals would help drive us to make healthy choices more than just knowing our own goals.  Does that make sense.  Sometimes our desires for something unhealthy (ice cream) or our laziness to just sit on the couch and not go to the gym can be stronger than our desire/goal oriented mind to make smart choices....BUT if we know we are there to support someone else's health and fitness goals then we are more prone to smart choices!

So in order for us to help each other achieve our goals, we shared them with each other, and now I want to share my fitness goals with you:

-To see a difference in my body as I consistently work hard

-To get toned

-To run a full marathon in 2014

-To eat healthier, make healthier choices

-To start replacing one meal a day with a smoothie

-To by the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 begin the process of becoming a certified yoga instructor


I would love to hear some of your goals!!

Do you set goals? Have you shared your goals with someone else?

I encourage you, share your goals with others, and help one another achieve those goals!


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