Goal Achieved....NOW WHAT!?

So today, this post is less about my own thoughts, and more of a question for each of you who have had experience running a half or full marathon.  I would love some input from you all! 
As many of our readers know, I ran my first half marathon almost 2 weeks ago! It was a wonderful experience I loved training for it! I enjoyed so much the love for running that I gained, and the sense of accomplishment that I felt over myself after I achieved this goal. It was great! 
Then I guiltlessly planned to take Monday & Tuesday of that week off to recover.  I did a lot of stretching on those days, and if I didn't have to work so much I would have attended a yoga class on Monday. 
Then Wednesday rolled around and I did nothing, then Thursday, nothing, it wasn't until the following Sunday, a week later that I finally did something with myself.  I asked my husband to come on a short 2 mile run with me.  Just because I needed some motivation to actually do it.  
It was such a weird place to be because I had just run 13.1 miles, and yet didn't know what to do after that. It wasn't necessarily that I didn't want  to workout, but that I didn't know what to do. 

So my question for you readers, is how do you pick back up and continue working out after such a long run. 

 This definitely is not just a one time goal for me, I always work out, and already have my next half planned 16 weeks from now.  It was just a new thing to achieve such a big goal and then continue moving forward.  I am just interested to see what kind of runs/workouts you continue doing the week after a half.  And, do any of you struggle with this MENTAL SLUMP as I call it??