Race Pride

After running 2 half marathons, I have come to the conclusion that race pride is a natural reaction for us runners, and also a good one!

Take this for example:



If you are a runner this probably makes you laugh....BECAUSE IT'S TRUE!

But what's wrong with that!? We work our butts off to train for races, whether you worked to run your first 5K or an Ultra Marathon....you worked hard and you accomplished your goal!

And that my friend is something to brag about!

Whether you're putting a mileage sticker on your car window, wearing a shirt, carrying a water bottle, or wearing it in some other way, go ahead.....FLAUNT IT!

You Earned It!

So why not brag with a little race pride necklace charm!?


How fun are these race brag necklace charms!?

After running the Disney Princess Half, my mom, sister and I all bought our own race brag necklace charm from Go To Run on Etsy!  I love mine and wear it pretty frequently.  At first I thought it might be a tad small, but people definitely notice it and comment on it! Plus it's a very cute necklace and helps ME remember the goals I have accomplished!

So who wants their own race brag necklace charm!?!

We have 5K, 10K, 13.1, & 26.2 up for grabs today!!

All you have to do to WIN is:

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What has been your favorite race to run!?