Giveaway Day 5- Kitchen Detox

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Today our friend and fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador, Lindsay, is bringing you guys something unique. She is a certified health coach offering something many of us will benefit from.


Lindsay has a degree in counseling psychology, and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is also a Sweat Pink Ambassador. She works with health-oriented, motivated people like YOU to help them achieve their health goals. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in her spare time enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as yoga, hiking, cycling, travel, nature, organizing things, and of course cooking and eating!

Kitchen Detox: Simple Solutions to Support Your Total Health

You’ve been doing everything you know to get healthy – you eat clean, drink fresh water, get enough sleep and exercise, and your relationships are pretty great. Maybe you’ve even done a juice cleanse or some form of detox program. You’ve seen some great results, and are looking for the next step in your wellness journey!

But your weight loss has plateaued and you don’t know why. Those pesky allergies just won’t go away. Or you want to do all that you can to help prevent future illnesses. Or perhaps you worry that you’re missing something, and all your fantastic efforts you’ve been making to clean up your body and your life could be thwarted. That’s exactly where my Kitchen Detox program fits into your busy schedule.

This Kitchen Detox program is unique, and it’s designed for hardworking, motivated people like you. It’s for people who want to take simple steps to rid their homes of toxic clutter once and for all! Because what you don’t know, and don’t see, CAN harm you and your loved ones.


Every Kitchen Detox includes:

-          - Thorough assessment of what’s currently in your kitchen.

-          - The “Clean Kitchen Resource Guide” containing suggestions on non-toxic alternatives for your fridge, pantry, cookware and more!

-          - Recipes for super-simple DIY home cleaners. They’re easy, I promise.

-          - Consultation Session with me, where we’ll discuss any questions you have, and your next steps to obtaining a non-toxic, healthy life.

-          - Plus, free gifts to support your non-toxic lifestyle! Who doesn’t like free gifts?!


What’s awesome about my Kitchen Detox program is that we don’t even need to live close to each other! If it’s geographically possible we’ll meet in person, but if you live across the country or across the world it’s no problem at all! All sessions can be held over the phone or Skype if meeting in person isn’t an option.

I look forward to helping you reach your healthy goals!

The Kitchen Detox: Simple Solutions to Support Your Total Health is offered at $197. Enter this fabulous giveaway to win a FREE program!


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