Giveaway Day 1--1,000 Followers!!

We have WINNERS!!

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We are so excited to start this week of Giveaways. It is because of you that we have the passion that we have. Thank YOU for helping us reach 1000+ followers on our Facebook. We hope to motivate and encourage you guys... as you do for us! Thank you to those that have helped our business adventures along as well!! :) We will have Giveaways Monday-Friday of this week. Each Giveaway will last for one week! Make sure you enter in each one- there are some REALLY GREAT giveaways. If you do the first one then you won't have near as much to do for the rest that follow. Today we would like to introduce you to two of our Businesses that are offering Giveaways for YOU!! We asked each business to give us a little 'blurb' about themselves to share with you. Please take a minute and read about them because they are graciously giving some awesome products to you!! Again, Thank YOU for helping US reach 1000 followers on our Facebook!

Wanda from iGlowRunning

"I am an active runner and passionate about fashion. I love to wear girly and glowing outfits when I run or go to the gym and that is how I came to the idea of iGlow Running.

I used to have my own shop called Dream Dress by Wanda in Maryland were I specialized in formal wear and wedding gowns. All the gowns were designed and made in my shop all by myself. I had the shop for several years and went back to teach as I am a Spanish teacher.

I started iGlow Running by coincidence. In October I was going to a Firefly race in Atlanta and there was a contest for the best running costume and decided to make a fun and sparkly outfit but still comfortable for running. I received so many complements during the race and that is how the idea of iGlow Running started. I opened the Etsy shop in November and it is really taking off. The concept of iGlow Running is fun and comfort. I don't want my outfits to look like costumes and that is why I combine athletic seams and finishes. What girl doesn't want to shine after weeks and months of training. So when the day of the race comes,it  is your day, you want to want to GLOW, iGlow Running."

You should take a minute and look at her SHOP. She also has a fabulous Facebook Page you should totally become a fan of!  She makes some amazing products. Below you will see the running outfit she is GIVING AWAY TO ONE OF YOU!! How excited are YOU and how jealous are WE that we can't get in on this? :) It is a really lovely and comfortable outfit that she wore for one of her half marathons and everybody loved it.

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She has three available sizes so the winner can choose the size they want.

If you are running Disney with us in two weeks- she has some amazzzzing Disney inspired outfits!

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Naturally Fit Sisters wanted some involvement in this fun week as well... so we are throwing a couple of things in too! Today we are giving away a Sports Belt. These things are great for holding your personal items like keys, ID, phone, snacks, etc. while running, doing errands, walking, anything active, riding a motorcycle. We really love wearing ours and it has been a huge life saver- especially during longer runs for us.

When the winner of the Sports Belt gets in touch with us we will let you know what colors are available.... and you can choose which one- then we will send it to you! :)

Be sure to check out our Naturally Fit Sisters Shop if you haven't already! We have some great fitness accessories and are always updating the store with new products!


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