Garden Markers

I love my garden! :)
It is so great having my own place with my own back yard where I can grow my very own garden. I was really worried about it at first.. but it has become my baby. The first things I planted were garlic, onions, and potatoes. I put them in the ground and they have grown so well. I blogged a little while back about the raised bed that we made... I love it! LOVE it! I have been wanting to make some Garden Labels for each plant but I just never found the time. I looked up several cute ideas on Pinterest, but could never get the motivation to create my own. 
So today we went to the Opening Day for our Local Farmer's Market. I was so excited... I love markets. But there was a nursery there with lots of herbs. I needed/wanted some basil so I stopped in. Wouldn't you know it- they had Garden Markers already made that I could purchase. Obviously it would have been cheaper to make them, but I didn't. However, now that I see what I bought, I know that husband and I could totally make these. 
I purchased a set of eight markers that are covered in chalk paint. It came with a stick of chalk as seen above. However, I decided I was going to just use a paint pen. Obviously to reuse these I will have to repaint with the chalk paint, but that is okay... I didn't know how well the chalk would stay on when I watered my plants or it rained.. 

So I wrote the name of each different plant that I have in our raised garden. We also have, as previously mentioned, garlic, onions, and potatoes. We are also growing some watermelon and parsley. Next year I hope to grow more herbs... and I want to put them in a raised bed as well. The main ones that I wanted this year were parsley and basil ... so that is what I am starting with. But how easy were these Garden Markers?!?! SO EASY! (yea, because I chose to be lazy and NOT make them myself)

Above you can see my garden from far away.. You can see the sticks sticking up. I knew what everything was but for some reason could not remember what my middle row was... but now I can't forget with my labels. 

I am so proud of this garden. My red chard in front is growing so well. Actually all of it is. I LOVE IT. I can't wait to start using the food from my garden. How great it will be when I need a tomato or jalapeño to walk right out my back door and grab it. 
It is the small things in life! :)