Garage Sale Saturday!

So today in West Texas it is beautiful! It straight up feels like summer time! I love it! 
So yesterday my husband told me randomly that he wanted to go to garage sales this weekend! I am all for this! I absolutely love finding treasure in other people's junk....especially when it comes with such a bargain! I grew up going to garage sales with my Grandma all the time! She would circle them all in the newspaper, and we would go, and we would always do a slow drive by to see what they had before stopping.  If you are a garage saler then you KNOW what I'm talking about! :-) And after looking around for a while she would always say "Well Britt...did you find anything you can't live without...?" ha ha I always remember that line.  Most of the time I was at the $0.10 or $0.25 box full of toys, since I was so young, so usually I got something ha ha I loved it! 
Anyways, this question from my husband took me off guard because this is not something he normally does or desires to do, but it got me pretty excited.  
So this morning we woke up earlier than normal and decided to ride our bikes around our neighborhood.  There were multiple Garage Sales just down the street from our house.  Meguell told people that we rode our bikes so I couldn't buy a lot, but really it was just such a nice day, why not!! 
So we got a little ride in this morning and soon we are going down to the trails by our house to go for a more strenuous ride! It's a great work out and a pretty challenging ride! 
Anyways, so at the first garage sale, this is what I found! 
I LOVE WREATHS! And actually my husband spotted these wreath forms.  You can't totally tell here, but they are mini wreaths.  Anyways, I snagged these plus a package of ten bath bars (like bath salts stones) for $0.25 each! Spending a total of $1 at our first stop! 

Next....we got this Outdoor Camel Back backpack with a bladder.  We have one and we like to take them with us when we go on trips, or when we go bike riding, so now we can both have one! This costs us only $3! 
(btw I am having trouble turning this photo, any tips on how to do it in blogger would be greatly appreciated!) 

Next we left the house to go grocery shopping at Sam's, and I remembered that this was the weekend of the biggest Garage Sale in Abilene! A local church does a yearly garage sale to raise funds for their Youth Choir Trip, and it is held in an old department store! I mean HUGE!! With tons of stuff! They prepare all year long! It starts on Thursday night and you pay $5 to get in, then Friday and Saturday you don't pay to get in.  We went right before they closed so there wasn't as much as normal there, but everything was HALF OFF!! ya!!! So here's what we got! 

My friend got one at a garage sale 3-4 years ago and she loved it! 
At that time I wouldn't have been that interested, but now I love it! And it works, and I got it for only $2.50!! Just needs to be cleaned up and then my first bread to make is going to be a cinnamon bread...maybe with some pecans! yummy! 
This next item is probably my favorite....also something my husband saw and pointed me to! 
 I got this awesome old fashioned camera.  I have two others I got from a garage sale several years ago! I love photos, and I think this is a fun thing to collect...I mean now I only have three, but still they are so fun! I only paid $2.50 for this too! 
I stuck it on my mantel here, but that is not how it will stay, my mantel needs some work at this point anyways, I just have to figure out what I want to do! But I love this camera! 
Now we are just hanging out! I have cleaned up the house, and my husband is outside planting flowers. 
He has really gotten into gardening lately, which I love! I love flowers, and I like to plant them, but not as much as he does, so I just let him! He is good at it too, and it makes our house look great! Now if we could just keep our cute pup from eating our plants he bought for the backyard! 

I hope you had as great of a Saturday as I have had so far....and it's not even over! What a great weekend! 
-Little Sis