Full House, house!

When Little Sis came to visit during Thanksgiving we spent a day in San Francisco. One of our #1 priorities was to go see the Full House, house. Our men thought we were nuts-o! But, nevertheless, they took us there! As we neared closer and closer to 1709 Broderick Street, we got giddier and giddier. It was so exciting. This is a show that we grew up on and it amazes us that our younger nieces and nephews don't know of Full House! We LOOOOVE the Tanner family. 
We were sad to see that the RED DOOR has been changed. Having no red door threw us for a loop, but obviously the door was changed. When we were researching where the house was located we were shocked (unsure why this shocked us) to find out that most of the tv show was filmed on a set. We had to forget that little piece of information as we enjoyed the Full House, house! :) 

So when we spent a day in SF last weekend with my mom, aunt, and niece-- of course I had to take them to the Full House, house! :) My mom was just as excited as Little Sis and I were back in November. My 9 year old niece was just happy to pose for a picture. She had no clue what we were doing, why we were doing it, or what we were so excited about. Man, I feel old! :) 

How many of you were avid Full House viewers? I always felt part of that family! :) I could watch it still.. We loved that show!!! I really miss those good ol' shows sometimes. 
I won't lie though- even today, my favorite memory of Full House is truly Uncle Jesse! :) 
-Big Sis